Ad: Manny Pacquiao - What's Your Wild Rabbit....?

Who are the ad geniuses who make this crap up?

Monday morning bump

Anyone else see this ridiculous ad?

Watched it several times. Never made a damn bit of sense to me. Now that I’ve read their synopsis, it still sounds insipid.

Truthfully, this is the first time I’ve seen it. Q: How the Hell did this not get torpedoed in the conference room before dime 1 was spent on it? It looks like a bad commercial for some upcoming fight.
I kept waiting at the end for promos about what was “coming next month on HBO”. I mean, does he drink the stuff? Give it away as gifts after his fights? Use it as cologne? Leather his face with it?

The Commercial.
Is it pretty? Sure.
Is it soothing? Yeah… in a quiet-before-the-beating kind of way.
Does it inspire by showing the hard work a professional athlete goes through before a fight? I suppose.

Does it sell/ promote/ explain Hennessy, link boxing or even athletics to Hennessy or even why people who might enjoy watching boxing might enjoy a Hennessy Cognac?

Errr…ahhh… but wait JB, this is artistically beautiful isn’t it? What do you have against art? Just watch it again. Here, want me to wipe that stain in your lap for you? :smack:

Part of me wants to snark in a politically-incorrect way, smirkily observing that only a French brand would point to the rugged, macho, known-symbol-of-manly-victory…Wild Rabbit…as the centerpiece of their marketing campaign…but I won’t :wink:

It’s been on the air for quite some time, and it never makes sense to me, no matter how often I see it. It’s kind of the antithesis of what makes a successful ad.