Ad You'll Love! Carlsberg

Someone sent me this and it made me smile.

Hope you enjoy it too!

(They rented a 150 seat theatre, showing a current film. They filled 148 seats with scary looking tattooed biker types, leaving only two open seats in the middle of the theatre. Then sold, those last two tickets, to unsuspecting couples to see what would happen.)

It’s fun, you’ll like it. Enjoy

(Garsh I hope I did it right!)

Apparently the site doesn’t allow hot-linking; but you can c&p the url.

Better link:

That was great!

Reminds me of the original Candid Camera.

Thanks Shagnasty, apparently I’m destined to never get it right!

I’ve seen it before, but it’s worth seeing again – thanks!

So, would you sit or leave? I would have no problem with the crowd, I just hate sitting in the middle!

I approve!

Ha ha, what a bunch of wussies. At least the courageous ones are rewarded. Although I’d wonder what kind of film would attract that crowd.

I like the ad, but would it really be that big of a deal in real life?

In the ad, it was Planet of the Apes…

Wouldn’t have a problem with the guys in the crowd, but also hate sitting in the middle and having to walk through the aisle so not sure if I would have stayed