Adam Sandler pinch hits for David Letterman

Last night (3-20-07) Adam Sandler hosted the Late Show in place of David Letterman. The story goes that Dave and everyone was in the building ready for the show when he came down with a stomach virus of some sort. Rather than cancel the show (I’m assuming the audience was there already) Adam Sandler became the host. He was going to be the first guest. Don Cheadle was in town promoting the movie he is in with Sandler and he became the guest. In concept I think this was a great thing to do. The audience was there and some probably came from very far away to see it. It’s nice that they didn’t get turned away because of Dave’s tummy. As for the actual execution… I have no idea. I was too tired and sick to stay up. Any one see it who can give a review? I am not a big Adam Sandler fan so I am curious how it went.

I thought it was weird the way Paul Schafer was interviewing him. I was thinking they should have had Paul host.

I wondered why Adam was up there. I didn’t realize that it was such an impromptu arrangement. But I only saw a few minutes.

While Adam wasn’t great at interviewing people, I loved him interviewing his bulldog. So cute.

Thanks for the background. I had no clue why Sandler was hosting. I only caught a few minutes here and there. The interview with the Danica Patrick was pretty bad. It was nice of him to try.

I was mostly watching the Colbert Report with Willie Nelson, that turned out to be great. See it tonight if you missed it.


Sadly, there was to be a tribute of some sort for Calvert DeForest, aka Larry “Bud” Melman, who died recently. This may be rescheduled for Monday, the next night Dave is due to be there live.

Paul hosted when Dave was out with his heart surgery, and was pretty awful. He’s good at the hipster sidekick, not good as the anchor for the show.

He died? I hadn’t seen that. Off to the Death Pool thread…

The deadpan bulldog was the highlight of the show, but it went downhill from there.

Danica looked hot, but she came across as a bitch. I think Sandler though she was hot too, as he couldn’t even make eye contact.

Sandler admitted that he was nervous from the very beginning, and it was obvious that he was. During his monologue, he swayed back and forth a lot. I got dizzy trying to keep my eyes on his face. He mentioned that he was more accustomed to sitting next to the desk, not behind it. When he switched places with Cheadle, he seemed to chill a little.

Shaffer’s “interview” questions seemed to be more like cues to make sure Sandler stayed on track and remained calm.

I didn’t watch past the Cheadle spot, but I couldn’t help laughing at the Matzo Ball (Sandler’s bulldog) interview. My husband and I were both cracking up at it, and at the same time wondering why the hell it was funny–but somehow it was.

Huh? How so? I thought she was relatively cool with the really terrible job Sandler was doing at interviewing here. She even tried to encourage him and calm him down a little. Unfortunately, it didn’t help.

Yeah, he was like a pimply teenager trying to ask the prom queen out on a date. He had been relatively okay with Cheadle (well, slightly less terrible, actually), but he just fell apart with Danica.

I’ve never liked the guy, and this does nothing for his reputation in my book.

It was all in the timing and delivery. By the dog, that is.