Adam Wheeler "suckled upon the teat of disdain"

The Harvard Hoaxer apparently loves to throw uncommon phrases around:

1.) No wonder his classmates thought he was a phony

2.) That’s a weird way to use simpliciter.

3.) I knew people who majored in the Humanities at MIT. It’s not treated with disdain or opprobrium. But, after all, he didn’t go there, and he was trying to scam the Harvardians when he wrote this.

Funny thing is - his parents apparently convinced him to 'fess up when Yale called to ask about his transfer application, after he’d been kicked out of Harvard. But this kid had only scored a 1200 on his SAT, and his parents surely knew that - my parents sure as heck saw my SAT scores when I was in high school. How did this guy’s parents have believed that he’d gotten into Harvard legitimately with a 1200 SAT after getting kicked out of Boudoin?

ETA: Is it just me, or does this kid’s prose style make you really, really want to punch him in the face?

I wonder if he thought that was really how Ive League folks write, or if it was tongue-in-cheek.

yeah, well now he’s hoist with his own fucktard

According to the Harvard student paper, the Crimson:

Conspicuous by its absence on this list is MIT. I wonder why. His association with MIT is the same as with Andover – he claimed to have gone there, and sent a transcript. He’s banned from Andover, according to this story, but no mention of the 'tute. And as far as I can tell, all he did was try to transfer to Yale and Brown – he didn’t scam them for grants (yet, at least).