Adamantium alloy

is this type of metal real? i work at a metal shop and one of the guys was gragging about this metal. he was saying how light it was and almost near undestructable it was. i couldnt find anything on it. any info would be great. i did find that a lot of comic book heroes use this metal, so i am starting to think it’s fake.

… No. It’s a fictional metal that exists only on the Marvel universe and the handful of X-Men universes from TV and movies.

… and the name “adamantine” comes from an ultra-strong material from ancient Greek myth. The idea of a super-strong, super-light material has been attractive fiction for a long time. Tolkien’s mithril was obviously based on the Greek mythical adamantine.

It’s a eutectic alloy composed of 27% Imperviumite and 74% Unobtainium.

With a touch of upsadaisium for lightness, of course.

Well, yeah. Thats the only way you can get rid of that pesky remaining 1% as well.

I thought it was named after its creator, Adam Ant…

“Adamantine” sounds suspiciously close to adamantane, a diamondoid. I doubt it could be made into armor, but it does have its industrial uses.

Using a eutectic alloy for an ultra-strong mixture sounds strange. A eutectic alloy, or a eutectic mixture, has the two components in the composition that has the lowest possible melting point, which wouldn’t seem to be desirable.

Though adamantane is “diamonoid”, it had no appreciable physical strength. You can think of it as a tiny 10-carbon fragment of a diamond structure with all the outside bonds (which might would otherwise link it into a strong diamond framework) “plugged” with hydrogen. As such, it doesn’t have very impressive physical properties. The outside layer of hydrogens keep the crystals from locking into any highly rigid form.

It melts at 205- 212 C, and is primarily used as an intermediate in chemical syntheses, e.g. for antiviral drugs.

Adamantium is ficticious…but he could always use some duranium, instead.

Roy Thomas, the comics writer who came up with “adamantium,” cited “adamantine” from Paradise Lost (whose author, John Bunyan, very likely did crib it from Greek myth).

Titanium, another metal that looms large in the Marvel Universe, is real.

Or Gundamium… :wink:

Psh. Far better is what the Enterprise is made of - tritanium. Still need dilithium crystals for reactor moderation though…

Offer to buy some from him with a strip of latinum.

How about some Durasteele or Duracrete?

[Hijack]Lithium has one valence electron, dilithium seems possible, but could you then get it to crystalize?[/Hijack]


Roy Thomas, the comics writer who came up with “adamantium,” cited “adamantine” from Paradise Lost (whose author, John Bunyan, very likely did crib it from Greek myth).

You meant John *MILTON, * right?

Ah, but what about transparent aluminum?

Adamantium is called “indestructible” during X-men 2. Yet, during the first X-men movie, Wolverine’s blades seem to bend under assault from Magneto. Or perhaps his flesh was the yielding part… I’ll have to see it again.