Addictive drug "Krokodil" AKA Desomorphine rotting flesh off addicts bones- Warning GRAPHIC website

Sweet Zombie Junkies.

Seriously. That’s fucked up beyond anything.

My (admittedly limited) understanding is that the massive tissue die off is not caused by infection, it’s caused by the adulterating chemicals used in/created by the crude manufacturing process. It’s a chemical reaction destroying tissue, not bacteria (though bacteria may well come along afterward for dinner). Thus, the dead, sloughing tissue isn’t spreading infection through the body, and at least initially may have less bacteria than normal tissue.

I saw an extended video of Mr. Left Tibia and Fibula. It looked pretty damn convincing to me. Spoilered for more sensitive readers.

Basically, the guys shows up in a wheelchair with his left leg wrapped up in plastic. The doctor/medical guy starts peeling away the plastic, whereupon the flesh of the left leg slumps down, sort of like an old, baggy grey sock, exposing the leg bones. This is shortly followed by the medical guy performing an amputation with a saw like this one. That gets rid of most of the dead tissue. I can only hope that the patient was then taken to an operating room for more “clean up”.

Where did you see this extended video? I find these sorts of images fascinating honestly.

How is it pronounced? Like “crocodile”? More like it’s spelled (KROK-oh-dill, perhaps)?

The third link of the OP has people pronouncing it just like the word “crocodile”, nothing fancy.

Thanks, Bees. I didn’t want to watch that video.

If you skip to 1:00 of the video it skips all the images of damage to skin and goes on to discuss how the availability of codeine is a problem in Russia. Then they have a few people, including one user, weigh in on the upcoming ban on codeine, finishing the video off with a woman having what looks to be a copious amount of… something, injected into her neck.

You know, if they really are that hard up for narcotics, they could grow their own poppies. I mean, if the process were difficult, we wouldn’t have such a hard time stamping it out in Afghanistan.

Siberia, and Primorya are not well suited to opium poppies. Elevation and temperature are not ideal.

IIRC, it is the Russian version of crocodile. Referring to making your skin look like a crocodiles; before it falls off, at least.

You may take it from me. The human body can take a staggering amount of insult, and still stay alive, technically, anyway.

On YouTube. Please search for it yourself, I don’t care to see that again, at least not this morning.

Since this board is supposed to be about fighting ignorance, I’ll point out I’m not at at all convinced these aren’t just random photos of victims of necrotizing fasciitis.

We had a thread that turned into one on this topic back in July:

Beat you to it - post #3.

Someone needs to make a mashup of those horrific video images with that catchy “Schnappi krokodil” song.

They couldn’t call it “Opal” or “Cecil” or “Snake-Hips,” it had to be “Krokodil”…

I was underwhelmed by the pictures.

It is ASTOUNDING to me the lengths people will go to for a high. A FOAF died because he heard you could cut open a Thermacare wrap, scrape out the chemicals/ingredients and snort them.

Yeah, I was under the impression that the deterioration wasn’t bacterial–It seems to me like there’d be more discoloration and/or swelling of the surrounding tissue. It’s more like a terrible chemical burn than anything else; the skin looked rather bleached to me.

But damn, that is an impressive amount of soft tissue missing there. It’s like the bones were professionally boiled and cleaned. I can’t imagine the pain these people must be in. :frowning: