For the past hour or so, I have been following links off the site Portal of Evil, and have come to the conclusion that the world is made up of people who are completely nuts. It’s not like this is new to me, it just struck me with more force than usual. For example, I found the following:

on ZiPpoBoY’Spage. I realized that for all the good, intelligent web pages out there, perhapse the biggest impact of the web is to give everyone their own little nutso-freako soapbox. So, I would like to invite my fellow dopers to post your favorite weird, unusual, over-the-top, lunatic, manic, bizarre or otherwise strange dedications, manifestos, statements, kinks, delusions, or other drivel which you have run across in the corse of your web wanderings. Remember, people are not only stranger than we know, they are even stranger than we want to know.

Jesus Dave, I thought someone was working on my family tree again.

Give your children these two things: One is roots, the other, wings - Wally Wally He’s our Man

I know of a page that would fit perfectly in this thread, but he’d take it as encouragement.

My personal favorite.

An absolute nut.

Would it be inappropriate to post my own?

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If it wasn’t for the WWW, they’d be on street corners handing out Chick tracts. Be glad they’ve got an alternative soapbox! =)

I dunno, the tract behind this philosophy might be interesting.

Might help to be drunk, though.

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.

Oh, sorry. LINK to the matsurbation of God page.

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.

Actually, I may have to reconsider. These folks use a SACRAMENTAL TEQUILA!. I’ll have to look into this more closely… :smiley:

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.

I haven’t actually been to any of those links listed above, so if this has already been mentioned, I apoligize. Remember when you were a little kid and supposedly Coke & Tylenol gave you a buzz? Never tried it myself, however I was in a band that wrote a song about it. And remember that Dr. Pepper and Pop Rocks make your head explode. Or is that Coke, too? I heard weird things about bananas and baking soda, too.

For pure insanity, no one can top Francis E. Dec, Esq., king of the rambling leaflet and “our only hope for a future!” Dec was the first to warn us all of the “Frankenstein Earphone Radio,” “Frankenstein Eyesight TV” and “Computer God Parroting Puppet Gangster Slaves.”

You can’t really get a feel for how messed up Dec was without seeing what his flyers really looked like. The densely-written ramblings of a true schizo.

It just makes me sad that Dr. Harvey Kellogg is not alive to make use of the Net. I have one of his tracts on the powers of ‘cleansing the colon’, and it was hilarious. “We brought out of one woman a ropey substance that was so tough we could not cut it with a knife!”

      • That probably was her colon. She likely didn’t need that procedure done twice. - MC
      • My favorite is the last words of Dutch Shultz - I had to go looking for it. Dutch is not your garden-variety rambling idiot; he was a gangster during prohibition who was shot by a rival and then taken into police custody at the hospital. His injury was fatal and as he deteriorated he told the police lots of, well, lots of something.
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