Addicts - Shocking mug shots

I’ve seen the results of addiction in friends from high school. :frowning: Shocking how quickly it changes someone. The pretty cheerleader from high school can be unrecognizable in a couple years. :frowning:

This slide-show is worth showing anyone that is seriously getting into drugs. Some of these people had drastic changes in appearance within one year. One woman changed drastically in only 8 months.

This guy looks better!

Faces of Smurfberries

From your link:

Pretty sure this isn’t true. I’ve talked to dermatologists who have said that’s a myth, that diet has nothing to do with skin.

I’m pretty sure these are “faces of meth” . Pot or alcohol doesn’t make you look like that. So it is painting with too wide a brush to call it “faces of drugs”.

Lindsay Lohan

I’m sure there are other pics that show it better, but those are the ones that came up first when I searched.

What does cause the sores?

This woman looks basically the same, except for the bad dye job.

If she wasn’t on drugs she’d have gone to a better hairdresser.

I think that meth addicts pick at their skin compulsively and cause the sores that way.

How the hell does meth give you an underbite (#4)?

This one girl actually got hotter.

I guess from meth mouth. Meth addicts often have their teeth rotted out.

After rehab these people can regain their looks. Regain weight, get their teeth fixed etc. A close high school friend almost got this bad. Even after rehab he always had a much tougher, street look about him. At least the “glassy meth stare” gradually disappeared.

Amazing all these pictures came from just one Sheriff’s office. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Granted, some of them had ‘issues’ beforehand, but still, that’s scary.

Not that I’m a big meth booster, but alcohol is nearly as likely to make you look like that as meth is. This is a look that comes from placing pursuit of a substance above all other priorities. I have known many people who used meth or the last few decades, and none of them ended up looking like that.*

*However, many of them made poor choices on a smaller scale and alienated the people around them as a result of their use, and meth remains fairly high on my list of things that probably ought to be avoided, as it is a substance which lends itself to abuse very easily.

I know another that got much hotter – probably because she aged from 20 to 30, (which generally looks better,) kept on top of her education and employment situation, and never had to choose between meth and food or shelter.

Is the last one, #21, *really *the same person? It looks like the two photos are of totally different ethnicities, there’s no resemblance at all.

Yeah, they get obsessed with thinking things like bugs or hairs are stuck under their skin and try to dig them out. For some reason, stimulants seem to promote this particular obsessive-compulsive behavior in a lot of people.

And zit picking to extremes.

+1 (or would it be +2?) to Opal-

been there- done that- didn’t end up on the list…

I thought it was something to do with their liver being affected and not getting rid of waste properly. Maybe a medical type can assist us.