Adding flavor to cream

OK, I’m going to a “coffee party.” (they damn well better have beer too 'cause I don’t drink coffee. They know this.)

I was asked to bring something “unique.”

The friend’s wife suggested that I bring some flavored cream.

??? Never heard of it. Can’t find it. She said she has had it and it is wonderful. But she doesn’t know how to make it.

Hmmmm. OK, I buy some powdered flavorings and some heavy cream and give it a go. The powder doesn’t dissolve. I try to blend it and of course, end up with Whipped cream.

Anyone know how to add flavor to cream? Anyone ever have it with coffee? Anyone who has never had it have any ideas on how to make it?

Lastly, what might be some good flavors?

You can buy pre-made coffee cream flavors, or I would suggest using half and half with some flavored coffee syrup . You can usually find the flavored syrups in the coffee aisle

I don’t know how unique flavored cream is, but here you go: Its available in every supermarket in America.
Why don’t you bring some premium tea if you don’t drink coffee? I’m sure you’re not alone on that.

Off the top of my head, I can think of two ways. I’ve never exactly tried either, but I’ve done variations on both of these while making other things.

Method 1:

Take whatever flavor you want. Combine it with the cream, heat for a bit, then allow to sit.

For example:

Cinnamon Cream

Take a couple cinnamon sticks, put 'em in a small pan with maybe a cup of cream. Heat to a simmer, cover, turn off heat, let cool. You probably want to taste it along the way and add more cinnamon or simmer longer depending on how cinnamony you want it. If you want it sweet, add some sugar before heating.

Cocoa Cream:

Like above, only use ~1 T. powdered cocoa. Add sugar to taste.

Method 2:

Buy some of those flavored syrups people add to coffee. Combine some of those with cream. Stir. If it gets too water, heat and reduce it a little. You can boil the hell out of cream, don’t worry.

You could also do the same thing with flavored liqueurs.

Regardless of the method, once the cream is cooled, you could whip it to make things really fancy.

Torani syrups come in a number of flavors; they’re basically simple syrups with added flavor.

Your hostess may mean flavored creamer, which is available in the dairy case at the grocery store.

Personally, if I didn’t drink coffee, I’d bring a bottle of Irish whiskey. I’d tell people it was so they could make Irish coffee, but, really, it’d be for me to drink. :slight_smile:

The hostess definitely means flavored cream. Without recreating the conversation, you’ll have to take my word that she made herself clear.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

To dissolve powders add just enough water to the powder in a cup make a paste using a spoon. Add a little water and until it’s liquid. Now you can try to mix with the cream. Try a small amount of cream in a glass, so as not to waste the cream. Don’t try anything with citric or ascorbic acid, you’ll have curdled cream.

To dissolve gelatin products use hot water.

Suitability of whatever you try is questionable, so don’t complain if it still doesn’t work.

I think adding coffee syrups to the cream will work best.

You didn’t say what flavors your trying for. It would be more likely wee could tell you what would work.

Why don’t you ask the hostess how your supposed to make it?

Two suggestions:
One, DaVinci brand makes flavored syrups. They are sold at a lot of places that sell flavored coffee products, and also at my local WalMart. You could mix them in with the cream.
Two, if you go to any local place that sells candy-making accessories/supplies, you can find flavor extracts. A couple of drops of an extract (and they come in a veritable rainbow of flavors) to a cup of cream, and you’re good to go.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

As mentioned in the original post:

If you’re really looking for a way to add flavor to just plain cream and serve it as a liquid additive to a cup of coffee - I don’t see the point. Doing that is no different from adding cream and a flavor shot separately. The only outcome I can see is that the flavor would be rather underwhelming coming from the cream only.

If it’s a flavored whipped cream, I can see that adding an extra dimension to coffee with a different flavor underneath it, but it sounds like you’re really looking for just liquid cream with flavor added.

In that case, I would stick with pure extracts (no citrus - that would curdle the cream) from the baking supplies aisle. Vanilla, of course, cinnamon and almond would also be fabulous. I would add a teaspoon per cup of cream. I’ve also tried banana, which I find really good, but it’s only available as an artificial extract and so would rule it out in my book as a “fancy” party take-along.

This would add a hint of flavor to the cup of coffee, not be like a flavor shot people think of that is typical of coffee shops.

I have no idea if this is what you’re looking for. It sounds like your hostess is looking for a real cream alternative to those yicky commercial flavored creamers from the supermarket? If that’s the case, to the above 1 tsp extract, add 2 tablespoons confectioner’s (powdered) sugar. Otherwise, the just-extract and cream is a nice alternative for those who avoid sugar, and are just looking for a hint of flavor.

A special thing I like to do with my coffee at home, and serve to guests who all love it: I add 2 teaspoons vanilla extract and 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon on top of freshly ground coffee just before brewing (just on top of the coffee in the brewing basket). Smells amazing, and adds a hint of flavor without any added sugar. Maybe suggest this to your hostess, too?

Hope this helps.

Just add a teaspoon of honey.

I’ll bet the woman thought the flavored liquid creamers were flavored cream when she was given it. Forget it and bring anything else, because you’ll never match her vague memory of it.