Adding links to quotes?

Do people have any thoughts about the acceptability of modifying quotes with hyperlinks as long as it’s alerted?

For example changing



Naturally stuff like

should not be allowed. I prefer the second method, but the first looks cleaner.

Do you have an example?

Frankly, I don’t like any of them. If I was going to be all proper:

Footnote added:

  1. link

I don’t like the idea.

Quotes should not be changed.
For example, what happens when poster B links in a quote from Poster A, then Poster C comes along and removes that link whilst adding another?

Another vote for leaving quotes as pure as possible-add links before or add links after.

What quotes are we talking about here? If simply quoting another Doper, don’t alter the text within the quote box.

If quoting a Doper who linked to and quoted something off-board, preserve the link in the default quote box and manually add a second quote box containing the relevant material. For example:

If simply quoting something off-board, don’t bother putting the source in the quote tags. For example:

NB: that’s just an example, not calling anyone “ignorant”.

I’m with glee. Just don’t edit quotes. Everyone of your examples would make me think the writer of the quote had that link in their post.

Not that it happens that often, but I’ve never understood why people always want to know if they can modify a quote this way or that way.
I’ve always liked the idea of, other than <snipping> out a portion of the quote, there’s no modifying them allowed.

Well, there’s also the standard journalistic practice of adding words in brackets, for instance, to provide a missing antecedent for a pronoun.

I’m struggling to even come up with a reason why adding a link would be desirable. Best I can come up with is if you were mocking someone by linking what they said to an unflattering picture.

For examples to link to an explanation of something obscure or something that has a technical meaning other than the vernacular.

Why not do that below the quote?

Link added.

So this was a hypothetical? In general I’d say, no. Don’t do that. It can easily change the intended meaning of what you’re quoting which is bad.