Adele sweeps the Grammys for 2012

Six wins. Including Record, Album, and Song of the Year. :smiley:

Great job. They say that ties her with Beyonce as the most wins by a woman in one evening. All I know is I just can’t get enough of this woman’s music. There isn’t a day that goes by without me playing 21. Incredible album.
Love this picture of Adele holding all six Grammys. :smiley:

I don’t have a whole lot to say about Adele, she did great, and I think she earned her awards.

I’m a huge Foo fan, and was very happy to see them more than once - though sad they were the sole representation of the alt/rock scene. Seems to be a shrinking genre every day.

I really enjoyed the show this year. They finally figured out people watched mostly for the entertainment, not the thank-you speeches, and that people can just look up what’s important to them online these days. Last year was a great show, as was this one, finally. I had stopped watching for a long time because they had gotten stale. I think the last one I remember before last year was whatever year Ricky Martin had his breakout performance. A long time!

And I can’t believe Gaga kept that thing on her face the whole time. (well, I guess I can, but it sure didn’t look comfortable)