adjective for 'camel'

OK, I’m stuck …

Dogs are canine.
Cows are bovine.
Horses are equine.
Pigs are porcine.
Bears are ursine.
Camels are … ?



Well, all the others tack -ine onto the Latin word for the animal (canis, equus, ursus, etc.) The Latin word for camel is camelus, so you might wind up with cameline. (The biological genus is Camelus and the biological family is camelidae, supporting that conjecture.)

You could always go with bactrian or dromedary.

I’m going to go with “cameline”. From what I can see, we tend to take the Latin adjective, cut the “us” and add “e”.

Now, “Camel” in latin seems to be “Camelus”, so I’ll assume the latin adjective is “camelinus”. That leaves us with “cameline” in English.

Typing this into google, along with “camel” (to remove all those recipe suggestions), gives this.


tomndebb’s post wasn’t there when I started, and I’ve not been at this for 13 mins. Oh well.

From Chambers dictionary
cameline adj of the nature of a camel

Many thanks to everyone for their reasonable suggestions, and especially to Jabba for finding an actual dictionary entry. I couldn’t find anything of the kind in any of my dictionaries-maybe I should just spring for the OED. :slight_smile: