adopted by a kitten. What to do?

This morning my wife and I were out for a walk and black and white kitten just followed us home, about four blocks. We didn’t let it into the house (it tried) but it came to the porch at the back and spent the entire afternoon there. It is presumably still there (getting on to 9:30). We are NOT going to adopt a cat. It is incompatible with our lifestyle (a fair bit of travel). It was a fairly hot day (30 deg C) and my wife gave her some water, but no food. When I went on the porch after dinner she (I looked) jumped up on me. I ignored her. She has a collar and half of what looks like an ID cylinder, but the other half is gone. The local security took the information and I have posted FOUND notices on a lot of lampposts, but unless someone calls, I am at a loss what to do. She is very friendly–much too friendly–but we are not adopting a stray cat. Any suggestions?

Give up, it’s too late. :smiley:

Make sure cat understands it can claim you as a dependent.

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is post pictures. :smiley:

Yeah, you have a cat now. Let it in, let it rule the house. Travel isn’t a problem for an indoor cat. You can try to feed it from a distance, but it won’t work in the long run. That’s how my mother got her cat.

Or post to a rescue group in your area for cats.

I agree about the pictures.

More seriously, is microchipping common where you are? You can get her wanded for a chip at a vet, or an animal shelter. If she has one, the problem resolves itself.

Otherwise, try googling for shelters in your area. A vet would also have suggestions in this regard. Some shelters specialize in cats, and some are no-kill (although those are tougher to get a stray cat into). If the found signs garner no results after a couple weeks, you can either ask your friends if anyone wants a kitten (I’d do that first), or start contacting shelters about signing her over to them.

Trap her and take her to a vet or shelter. She might have a microchip, in which case her owner can be easily identified.

Also check your local Craigslist and post notices in bother the lost and found section as well as the pet section.

Once you’ve exhausted all efforts, post pictures here of your new kitten. As for travel, you can buy auto feeders that will feed daily for a week.


My husband and I had a half-grown kitten adopt us one day while we were on a walk. I suspect it was a survivor from a dumped litter or came from a farm that had been recently abandoned a mile or so down the road. We had 5 dogs then and had just buried our last cat, so we were not in the mood to deal with feline eminent domain. We didn’t feed the little monster, didn’t even give it water since there’s a creek nearby, but it wanted us for its own, and every time one of us left the house it would follow along behind, mewing pathetically. We even tried taking it to a farm field 2 miles away. The next time we went for a walk it popped up out of the ditch and followed along like always. We ended up paying a rescue group $25 just to get rid of it.*

Run away, Hari Seldon. Take a 6-month sabbatical to Tibet and you might be able to salvage your cat-free existence.

  • Yes, yes, the obnoxious little kitten was almost immediately adopted from the shelter and lived happily ever after, but I still get a chill when I hear mewling from outside. I know it could find its way back if it wanted to.

Ignoring the kitten will not make it go away. You are now responsible for it whether you like it or not. Your choice is to keep it or ensure its continued survival with someone else who wants the kitten.

There is no third option.

It really sounds like it is someone’s cat - maybe she got out accidentally? I’d continue to look for the owner, and hope that she is reunited with them. Vets, shelters, classifieds - scope them all out for someone who is missing a cat.

You’re lucky: black and white cats are the bestest.

And yeah, pics.

Yeah. Stray cats don’t wear collars. Someone is probably looking for her. Keep trying shelters and vets’ offices.

Definitely sounds like someone out there is probably missing the cat. I’d take it in temporarily while looking for the owner. I’d call the area shelters and post ads on Craigslist.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Kitty wasn’t on the porch this morning and has not reappeared today–so far. The small dish of water my wife put out for her is still more than half full, about what it was late yesterday.

Maybe the cat got run over.

Anyway…you are under no obligation to keep the cat. Just call a shelter if it comes back. It’s not your responsibility.

Well, the first thing it needs is a name… :wink:

I live alone.
I have never had a pet since I’ve been on my own.
I do not ever intend to have a pet.

If this happened to me, I would give up and admit that I had a pet . . . sigh.:wink:

Option 1) Call/goto your local animal control/Humane Society. Turn it over to them. Usually they will check for a micro chip and contact the owners.

If there is no chip, the cat will be held for X days on the chance that the owner will come claim it.

If that doesn’t happen, then the cat will be held for an additional X days for open adoption.

After that if it’s a no kill shelter, it will be available for adoption as long as it lives. Otherwise it will be killed. Which is better than it getting sick, injured, eaten, or becoming a gooey spot on your right rear tire.

Option 2) Kick it to the curb if it shows up again and don’t worry about it. It’s not your problem.

Your only option is to fall hopelessly in love, and when the owner shows up to claim the cat, you die of a broken heart.