Ads on Facebook on one computer and not the other - what insidious virus do I have to remove?

On this computer (running Windows XP), my Facebook home page is normal. However, on my other computer, which is running Windows 7 (and has recently been beset by malware, which I removed with Malwarebytes), every so often in the list of friends’ updates there will be a square-shaped banner advertisement (last time I checked, it was from some computer game designing school.)

I’m assuming that some insidious and vile malware program has wormed its way into my computer and infected my Facebook feed with this crap. How do I get rid of it?

Facebook has ads on it. It’s more likely that you’ve got something blocking them on the one you describe as ‘normal’

No idea about this one but I’ve been battling something I got from infected image search on Google Image. I was careless and noticed too late the image I was clicking o had a Russian website. I closed it right away, I didn’t get hit with the fake antispyware but I must have been infected by something because I’ve been having all sorts of errors and everytime I open image search it’s in Russian.

I’ve run numerous antivirus/spyware scans and nothing is picking up anything but tracking cookies. But I tried downloading Ad-Aware and it couldn’t finish installing. I am now reformatting, if this doesn’t fix it, it’s time for the professionals.

I had read up on this mal-ware and a lot of the anti-virus programs and spyware programs can’t find it, but it’s there. This may not be the same thing at all but if there’s any chance you’ve used Google Image search and suddenly have Russian showing up you may want to look into this mal-ware. It seems to be pretty insidious.