ADSL modem recommendations

I am switching from a cable modem to an ADSL modem because of cost.
I signed up for the BellSouth service and they talked me into accepting their “free”, as in only $75 before rebate, modem. It is a Westell modem that has been customized to force it’s way onto my network. It broadcasts a javascript that any unwary browser will run. I assume it is OK, but I object to such things on principle. So, I want to purchase my own modem (perhaps even a Westell-by mailorder they are $35 US). So, any recommendations? I have previously used a D-Link 2540B and liked it, but would like to try something different. Has anyone used a Zoom 5651 X4 modem?

Any experiences in the area of installing a DSL modem would be appreciated. I already figured out that using twisted pair wiring is a very good idea. :slight_smile: