adult diapers for the elderly

Looking for feedback on adult diaper products.

I occasionally look after a gentleman in his 90’s and he needs adult diapers due to bladder control. the brand he uses bother’s him (waistband irritation?) so he wears them outside his normal underwear. Obviously this defeats their purpose and it’s a hardship on his wife to help him in the bathroom. He’s barely able to stand and move on his own. They both have health problems.

what products are out there that are comfortable and where can the be purchased readily?

Since the OP is looking for advice, let’s move this over to IMHO.

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Snip the waist band if it’s annoying him. He could wear his undies over top, that should hold them up.

They also make diapers that do not have waistbands, are more true diapers. Don’t hesitate to take scissors to them and turn them into what you really need. That’s what I did, just cut them up to suit. The pull up types must be very annoying for him and the wife to manage.

(Also, don’t call them diapers, just call them ‘pads’. Diapers are for babies.)

Some of the brands aren’t available Over There, but the ones my mother uses are pads: there’s a kind that’s rectangular (and horribly uncomfortable), the ones that say “anatomical” have curves that make them fit an actual human body better. Some are supposed to be worn inside your underwear, some can be worn with a sort of wide net belt/sash they have or with normal underwear.

Tena products tend to be on the expensive side but they’re comfortable and available in many countries. After being given the rectangular kind and trying some Tena Lady bummed from a friend, Mom found her current brand by asking the pharmacist for “Tena Lady knockoffs”.

I think I’d go for the actual diaper and not the pull up ones. If someone is helping him out it might be easier on everyone. I know they make the pull up ones that will tear apart like a regular diaper to get them off. In the end though I think the diaper style with the tabs(like baby diapers) would be best because he could adjust them to what is most comfortable to his waist.

Re: where to purchase, you can get pretty much anything you want online at Amazon or

Re: what to get, Abriform X-Plus is pretty comfortable. There’s not really any elastic on the waist at all, so that might be better than what he’s currently using (BTW, what brand is he currently using?). X-Plus is their highest absorbency, so that might be better suited to nighttime use. They make lighter absorbency products, but I have no experience with them; I would assume that their construction is similar to their X-plus line (at least WRT the waistband).

Edit: the product description at Amazon claims that, yes, there is some elastic in the waistband. My bad. Bottom line is that I’ve found them to be comfortable.