Adult sleepover parties

Oh my GOD! HELL yeah, Baby! I came home once with bruised temples from playing that game! It’s a wonder my mother ever let me go to another slumber party! :rolleyes:

Maybe he’s seen her girlfriends.

Ow! Stop hitting me.

You have to prank call someone and ask them if they have Prince Albert in a can!

Oooh, and put someone in the closet and make them say Redrum over and over.

I’m having flashbacks. Truth or Dare is always a good slumber party game. But you might find out that Mary has a crush on Mike (gasp!).

My friend has an annual slumber party with her girlfriends at a local hotel. They get a suite, go out to dinner then come back and yap all night.

She’s in her late 50’s and they still get together once a year.

And stand in front of a mirror with a flashlight saying, “I’m not afraid of Bloody Mary.”!

Holy hell…I read this and burst out laughing. I used to play Hungry Hungry Hippos all the time when I was a tyke. :slight_smile:

This is soooooo cool! Thanks for the courage… but no one suggested Twister!!! :o)

Too old? Get outta here. Sleepovers rock, and you’re never too old. Have fun!


effiesmom, I’m 42. Can I come over? Sounds like a totally cool time to me.

Of course not - Twister is for coed parties. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you get bored you could always turn it into an orgy…

That sounds like an awesome idea! Do it! I hope I never get too old to go to a slumber party…