Adult sleepover parties

My 39th birthday is coming up, and I asked my husband if he thinks 39 is too old to have a slumber party with my girlfriends. He laughed at me and said yes. My mom laughed when I asked her, but she claimed she laughed because it was “a cute question.” Do you think 39 is too old to celebrate a birthday by having a slumber party?

No, I think it’s a terrific idea!
How fun would that be?
The only downside is that sleeping in a chair, in a sleeping bag, or on some makeshift palette in the corner will not be as comfortable as it was when we were kids.
Don’t invite anyone with a bad back!

An adult slumber party sounds like it would be fun. Lots of adults go campin’, what’s the difference? Go for it, I say!

If you feel silly just say it’ll be a big pissup and everyone can spend the night so they don’t have to drive.

I think its a wonderful idea! I don’t think any age is “too old” to be doing something you want to do and enjoy. And I bet you’ll have a blast!

Sounds fun! You’re never to old to hang out with your friends. Make sure to play Truth or Dare.

Go for it. Have a blast!

Not only do I think it’s a great idea I have a video rental suggestion. “The Magic Bubble”. A fairly cheesy movie (which should be fine for a slumber party) with the premise of a woman on her 40th birthday making a wish that she didn’t know how old she was. And what it does for her when she forgets, and stops doing things just because that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re 40 (or 39).

You might want to show it to your husband and mom, too.

Oh, definately, do it.

Presumably, if you want to go retro with a party like this, you’ll want to go whole hog. Put on PJs, listen to 45s, chatter about boys, etc. So I can’t concur in the above suggestion – totally different mood.

Personally, if I were your husband, I would think it is a HOT idea. A bunch of hot chicks running around giggling in lingerie! No problems there.

Your major problem: how to word the invitations. Your 40ish friends have a whole new definition of “sleepover” than you former kid friends.

Hey, smoke enough weed and even “Hungry Hungry Hippos” starts to look like a adult activity.

Go for it.

Hell, no! I haven’t gotten to 39 yet, but my last slumber party was given at age 27. I invited people from my grad school program and from the restaurant where I waited tables. What I discovered was that the people who were my age were really excited about a slumber party, whereas the younger students and waitresses were like, “Um… yyyyyeaahhh. WHAAAAAATever.”

I’m guessing it’s because the people pushing 30 were thinking, “Yay! I haven’t been to a slumber party in YEARS!” (in fact, although it was supposed to be a Girls-only affair, a male friend came along with his girlfriend, and offered to let us roll his hair), whereas the early-20-somethings were just “growing out” of slumber parties.

So see? If you think of it that way, excitement about a slumber party is a sign of maturity! :wink:

And for what it’s worth, we rented Xanadu, Sixteen Candles, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Let me get this straight.

You asked your husband if all your girlfriends could come over and prance around in nighties and such and spend the night and he thought that was a bad idea?!?!

I have them all the time, and I’m 45. We do a bonfire and sit in the yard talking all night. Those who have little kids throw 'em in a tent with some flashlights and snacks, and they’re happy as little clams. It is truly the best! We don’t do the retro thing, though…just the gals getting together. I LOVE IT!

I’ve been to several and had a blast each time.

Oh my sweet lord. I love the movie Xanadu. I haven’t seen it since I was probably 13 or so.

If I was having a slumber party, I’d rent Xanadu in a heartbeat. And probably the Breakfast Club, too, since that was always a staple of slumber parties when I went through that phase.

I think a slumber party would be cool. A chance to relive youth and feel goofy again.

Well, it’s too bad I didn’t know to invite you then! For one thing, your suggestion of Breakfast Club would have probably been a better choice than Sixteen Candles, since, as my friend John pointed out, my selection of movies included TWO films with disparaging stereotypes of Asians! :o

And of course, you can practically read a newspaper through the lingerie. And they have a pillowfight. And…sheesh, I know the whole porn cliche, and I’ve never seen a freakin’ movie that had that sort of scene!! :eek:

effiesmom: you’re only too old if you think you’re too old. Have the party, and have a great time, even if the ‘lingerie’ consists of opaque flannel nightgowns, or gym shorts and t-shirts. And remind your husband that, even dressed in nothing more sexy than that, a houseful of women can be a pretty great thing. Then jump his bones right after they leave the next morning. :slight_smile:

I was thinking of having a slumber party soon, and inviting my girlfriends, who range in age between 18-50. I’m 23, which I believe is supposed to fall in the “too young to enjoy it again” category? I think it would be cool. Go for it. Pizza and tiramisu and truth-or-dare and sappy movies. I’m planning on watching the whole BBC Pride and Prejudice, while driking raspberry liquer and having pillowfights. Yay!

Don’t forget to put somebody’s underpants in the freezer for the night, too.

What about ‘Stiff as a board/Light as a feather’ or just go for it and play with a Ouija board.