Adult Swim to air previously unseen King of the Hill episodes!

Next week, starting Monday, May 17, Adult Swim on Catoon Network will air four King of the Hill episodes which were produced in the final season, but never aired by Fox. They will air on Adult Swim on four consecutive evenings, Monday - Thursday.

The episodes are:

**“The Honeymooners” May 17, 2010 DABE13

Hank is shocked when his mother announces she is marrying a man she has only known for a few weeks. Soon after, the newlyweds celebrate by purchasing an RV and heading to Hank’s. When Hank’s mom and new stepfather have a heated argument, she takes off with the RV and Hank is left to rescue his mother once again.

“Bill Gathers Moss”[10] May 18, 2010 DABE14
Bill decides to take in roommates, and Hank fears it will lead to disaster. Meanwhile, Bobby and Joseph go ghost hunting at their school.

“When Joseph Met Lori, and Made Out with Her in the Janitor’s Closet” May 19, 2010 DABE15
After getting into an argument with Joseph about the girl he has been dating, Dale ends up in a mental institution.

“Just Another Manic Kahn-Day”[14] May 20, 2010 DABE16
Kahn’s bouts of manic depression threaten to derail Hank’s plan to build a tricked-out barbecue grill for an upcoming Strickland event. **

Apparently, they previously aired earlier this month in syndication, but I missed that. :smack: So, anyone like me who missed them the first time will have a second chance next week to catch them. I have my DVR locked n’ loaded. :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting for these episodes to air. I’ve got the DVR all set.

Huh. I saw two of those in syndication and failed to realize that’s what they were.


Thanks for heads-up! Would have missed these, and I wanna see 'em.

Thanks…lots of stuff on the DVR schedule this week… :slight_smile:

Actually saw the first two of those on the Atlanta Fox affiliate the last two Sundays. Still, I’ll DVR the Adult Swim versions.

Thanks! Will be watching tonight. I so miss this show :mad:

I liked hearing Hank call his mom an idiot.

We set them to TiVo. Thanks!