Adult thumb suckers

Are there any other thumb suckers out there apart from me?
I’ve always sucked my thumb, and I’ve never managed to get rid off the habit. I don’t want to. I mainly do it when I’m tired, stressed or watching tv/reading.
Anyone else?

I thought the “As an adult, have you ever crapped your pants?” thread took guts to create.

I mainly suck on the knuckle of the thumb–although I occasionally slip the tip of my thumb into my mouth, too–for me, it’s an extension of my nailbiting habit. Since I’ve been trying to keep my nails looking more neat, I’ve slowly been compensating more and more by sucking and teething lightly on the thumb instead. Maybe one day, I’ll grow out of it altogether. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suck my thumb and I’m an adult. In my life I’ve seen more than 25 other adults that suck their thumb.

One of my sisters chews on her pinkie as she did as a child. She’s 57. I guess some habits are impossible to break.

One time on a Metro train, we saw an adult with a binky in his mouth and no baby nearby.

Just you wait for my “Ask the Premature Ejaculator with a Microphallus” thread.

I made myself laugh 9 years after posting.

Go, me!


He could have been on ecstasy.

My sister, now 64, does still suck her thumb, according to her husband. She sucks her left thumb and twirls her hair with her right hand, just as she always used to do. In bed only, when falling asleep. No pacifier.

Did it affect her teeth in any way?

ISTM, when you are all grown up, there are so many more interesting things to suck on.

(yes zombie, I know, move along)

I knew someone that sucked his thumb well into childhood. IIRC the last time I saw him he was probably 7 or 8 and still doing it. He had a pretty severe overbite. I can remember him being able to get his thumb into his mouth with his jaw closed.