Advantages and disadvantages of owning land surrounded by native american reservation

A piece of property came up that is surrounded by properties listed as owned by: U.S.A. TRUST
BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS (note: I’m not sure this is ‘technically’ reservation land…the odd naming throws me)

There is a public road that accesses the land. Does anyone have opinions or experience owning land adjacent by Bureau of Indian Affairs land? It is pretty clear to me that this would NOT be publicly accessible like national forest land but it also seems like there wouldn’t be a plethora of neighbor’s houses popping up.

Just looking for opinions either way.

I have no experience owning such property. There’s a lot of land held in trust by the U.S. government on behalf of N.A. tribes and individuals.

The idea of a public road “accessing” my land is not appealing. Nor is owning property potentially surrounded by neighbors who might well resent my being there.

Much research would be advisable.

…It’s not? The alternatives are that it’s private roads accessing your lands, so you’re at the mercy of some other landowner, or that there is no access to the land at all. I’d definitely not want to own land that didn’t have public roads accessing it.

It depends on what is meant by “public road accessing land”.

If it’s just a road that goes by your property on one side, fine. But it could also mean an easement that allows people to cross over your land to adjoining properties, which (depending on the neighbors and their activities) could be no big deal or an annoyance.

just a road that goes by the property; I added that to indicate one does not have to cross neighboring property to reach the site.