Advantages?Disadavantages of Torsion Bar Suspension?

Chrysler cars used torsion bars, in place of coil or leaf spring suspension systems, for years. To my knowledge, no other car mafg. used torsion bars-so were they really anything special?
I know that coil springs are used by most of the world’s car mafgs.-so why did Chrysler use their torsion bar design?
I can see that a torsion bar makes the suspension flatter, but a torsion bar doesn’t twist all that much-were these suspensions limited in wheel travel?

One “advantage” was that it was easy to raise or lower the suspension by adjusting the torsion bars anchor point. A friend had a Barracuda and he was easily able to make adjustments.

Here’s a pretty good link:

The short answer is that they provided better cornering, but at the cost of a generally rougher and noisier ride.

Also, a lot of compact trucks and truck-based vehicles still use them. The old VW Beetles used them too, as did the full-size FWD El Dorrado/Toronados.

I’m kind of ambivalent towards them. Though they provided pretty good handling back in their hey-day, I think nowadays they’re mostly used because of cost and weight savings over more advanced suspensions.