Adventures in Advertising Disappointment

So I picked up a bottle of Herbal Essences Shampoo the other day. And to my utter disappointment, when I actually applied it in the shower the next day I was not washed over with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. To the contrary, all it did was clean my hair and leave it with a somewhat fruity fragrance.

Sure I was cleaning myself at the time, and several orgasms would have probably hampered the venture, but still. . .

I haven’t been so disappointed since X-Ray Specs.

Anybody have any other examples of advertising greatly exaggerating its claims for a product?

(Oh, and Mitchum Deodorant’s claim “So Effective You Could Skip A Day” is nothing but the truth, baby.)

I bought a bottle of cleaner at the dollar store called “AWESOME!” but have to confess I found it merely adequate.

The Black & Decker Scumbuster was however able to bust every type of scum I applied it to.

Anybody else try that steam buggy thingey…It puts out a bunch steam, and makes some cool sounds, but not much else. It went back to best buy the next day.

There are no trees in my Black Forest Cake.

There is no Manhattan in my clam chowder.

There is no little trolley in my Rice-a-Roni.

I see no little “Serving Suggestion” disclaimers anywhere on the boxes. If it’s on the label, it oughta be in the product.

When I popped open that jar of baby food with the baby’s face on the front, I found no babies inside. :frowning:

Must be shopping in the wrong stores. . .

where i live, we have a big fair (woodstock fair) every year. a year ago, i saw some little bullshit stand that was advertising the “Officially Voted World’s Greatest Ice Cream Sundae”…however, just about any ice cream sundae prepared by your local ice cream truck easily overshadows it…

Warning: Chicken Fried Steak contains no chicken!!

I consider that a bonus!


Off topic a bit, but I love how on the infomercial they show her steaming all the crud off the vent up by the ceiling, but they don’t show all the watery crud then trickling down the wall in rivulets. Yuk! Seems like it would MAKE a bigger mess than it would clean. I also heard it’s WAY heavier than they make it seem in the commercial, where they show the frail-looking woman toting it around like a handbag; and as if that’s not bad enough, what looks to be wheels on the bottom are actually painted design elements that only LOOK like wheels. Yeesh!

It has to be Sea Monkeys.

I didnt think it was that heavy, and my wife could carry it easy enough, but it just didnt do anything. I tried it on the vents, the crud didnt run, it just stayed there, heated up and slightly damp. I tried it on tile, on the stove. Some things it would eventually erode, but those thing could be removed much faster with a rag.

[Monty Burns]Is this some sort of new-fangled horseless carriage? [/Monty Burns]