Advertising the SDMB?

Has the issue of advertising the SDMB to increase/maintain/bring back a decent level of traffic been discussed/considered?

It seems to me that with the money gained/potentially gained from subscription fees it is entirely within the power/s of those in charge whether the SDMB survives.

In other words; If they do the right thing. The SDMB is almost guaranteed to survive indefinitely.

Since when have we been looking for increased traffic? :confused:

Well I thought the move to subscription might have resulted in a decrease. So an increase might be what we are looking for to bring it up to it’s former levels and make it worthwhile to post at, and receive replies.

Afterall - what is the point of posting if we do not recieve replies or at least viewers of our posts?

You’re kidding? You say that we need to “bring it up to it’s former levels” to make it “worthwhile” to post here?

The words are all in English, but they make little sense. The SDMB was a vibrant place when it had 1/10 the active Members it does now. What evidence do you have that there has been anything but an improvement in the SDMB since pay to post?

None. It was probably a severe misjudgement on my part. You see - since the boards went to subscription payments I have spent far far less time here, even thought I payed for subscription on the first day it was possible to do so.

Maybe that (the percieved drop in performance) was just a co-incidence due to the fact that I had found other, more ‘active’ message boards. And so got the inpression that the SDMB had suffered a drop in traffic.

I don’t think we’ll need to advertise more than we are* for a while yet: Cecil’s main webpage apparently drags in enough fresh meat to keep the hamsters hoppin’, and we have quite a large natural constituency.

*Yes, we do have a small banner at the top of the page. It’s tasteful and perfect and shouldn’t be blocked by anyone, or Guido will pay you a midnight visit. :wink:

Or quite a large national conspiracy, depending on your eyesight.