Advice for driving in England.

In a few weeks I’m taking my car across to England for a week. I’ve been driving on the IOM for a year now.

What advice can you give me? How strict are the speed limits? (Will I be penalized for going at 32mph in a 30 zone?) How easy are the speed cameras to spot?

I’ve been told that Manx drivers are maniacs compared to drivers in England (or is it the other way round)

Come on, it’s Britain, how quickly do things ever change?

Speed cameras depend massively on where you are. The biggest headache is the ‘safecam partnership’ nonsense, where to diffuse the idea that all the money from fines was going into somebody’s pocket, it would go to organisations which in turn would position mobile cameras at locations judged to be accident blackspots. Of course, this means two-lane roads where all the accidents are caused by dangerous overtaking within a ridiculously-low limit are now prime targets for these things, typically pointed out of the back of a Transit van.

Come on, it’s Britain, how quickly do things ever change?

I’ve never driven there. (Well, since I learned to drive there seven years ago. I completely forgot about that until just now :smiley: )

I only ask because my Bro hates the speed cameras (And female drivers)
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They all drive on the right, now. :wink:

I thought that was just the BMW drivers.


Sorry, misread your OP.

You’d be advised to take the speed limits seriously and assume there are speed cameras monitoring you every inch of your journey. And look out for sudden shifts in the speed limit. It can go down from 30 to 20 in urban areas with barely a vegetation shrouded sign to mark the transition.

What hasn’t been mentioned is the fact that more and more roads have “sleeping policemen”

In other words speed bumps, millions of the buggers

Unless your car is the amphibious type, I recommend putting it on a ferry to get to England, or at least winding the windows fully up.

Whereabouts in England are you planning to go? Driving here is mostly straightforward, but there are plenty of big, busy systems that might be a bit daunting.

What’s the biggest road on the IOM like? Is it a dual carriageway? - if so, you should be fine with motorways - they’re just a bigger version of the same.

As long as you’re also OK with things like roundabouts where there’s more than one lane, you should be fine in all but the largest and most complex city traffic systems - and if you’re just pottering around villages and towns, you’ll have no problem.

Mostly we drive like the guys in the “Isle of Mann TT” :stuck_out_tongue:

It really depends on where you’re driving. Driving in Cornwall is very different from city driving. Are you going to be driving around to different places a lot or just driving around one area?

I would be looking to keep to the speed limit on any road in the UK outside of a motorway. Its safer and you won’t have to stress about any speed cameras. Single carriageway A roads, in particular, spell trouble for the heavy-footed.

Speeding on the motorway is pretty common, at least it seems that way to me. 70mph is regularly exceeded by the body of the traffic. I drove to Manchester from Edinburgh and back on Saturday at a steady 90mph on the M6, was overtaken numerous times. Admittedly the M6 from Preston to Scotland is a quiet stretch of road. It would be literally impossible to drive at 90 for any time on some of the busier motorways down south.

I saw one mobile speed camera on a bridge over the M74, plus a few police cars (marked and unmarked) who had stopped the unwary. There was also a stretch that had average speed cameras - beware!

They’ve fitted those buggers to the M1 as well. I’ve seen at least one set on the stretch between Junctions 2 and 5.

They’ve got them on the A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge, for quite a stretch. To be fair, it has smoothed out the traffic flow in what was a nightmare bottleneck before. But the mind-numbing boredom when the road is empty has led to me feeling very sleepy once or twice.

If you get onto the M25 you’ll never get off, same with Spaghetti Junction

Your bones and rotted clothing will be discovered in about 15 years.

Have a nice day

If you’re driving a long distance on the motorway, take regular breaks. Stop every hour or so for a cup of tea and to stretch your legs. It’s very easy to start taking microsleeps towards the end of a long drive, especially if it’s late.