Advice for Fundraisers

Sell me sweets, all sweets

It’s Girl Scout cookie time. I know because I’ve ordered around 12 boxes I think, sometimes I get lucky and I know two or three people with girls in the scouts. And that’s just what I mean.

Typical Scenes from the life of Stuffinb

Scene my office (co-worker enters)
My Co-worker: Hi Steve my daughters selling gir-

Me: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!, well give me two of everything

Co Worker: They have a couple of new-

Me: Really let me see…well you better give me 4 of those, oh and give me one more of those.

*Leaving a shoppoing center (child carry a little box approaches) *

Child: I’m selling this choc-

Me: How many you got in that box

Child: (slowly counts, messes up, recounts) uh…12

Me: Ok

Child: How many?

Me: All of them

Child: Really thanks!

Me: Oh what are you raising money for again…

Child: We’re sending kids to camp/college/amusement park/the Moon,etc.

Me: well I might come back
You know, I’d probably have a hard time turning down the KKK if it involved chocolate or cookies. Anybody got some milk?

I’ll be sure to pass your name around the office, stuffinb! I don’t think a day goes by that someone here isn’t selling something for their kids.

It’s gotten to the point that they don’t even come around asking anymore. If it’s candy bars they just set the box on a table with an envelope for the money. Cookies, Pizzas, Popcorn Tins, whatever that has to be ordered first – just hang the sheet up on the wall. Give it a day or two and the candy is all sold or the order sheet is filled up.

Kids these days have it so easy. I remember when I was selling candy bars my parents never took them in to sell at work. I had to try to sell them door to door. Of course, I’d eat half of them too and my folks would have to foot the bill.