Advice on Flying pets. (cats)

I’m moving back to the US and I just found out that in order to fly all three of our cats its going to cost us 500 bucks per cat.

Now I’m not going to abandon them or anything, but thats 1500 bucks, not including any other fees (they need health certificates, etc). This isn’t the first time I’ve had to ship the “monsters” overseas. I know its not going to be cheap. But I flew them here to Bavaria for a little more than 600 bucks three years ago. I mean $600.00 total, for all three.

I sent an email to Gradyln Kennels asking them if they could give me a good quote, and I can go back to SATO and ask them if they ask airlines, but I’m wondering if anyone else may know of a pet flying service that isn’t super expensive. I need to fly them on Nov. 3rd from Munich to North Carolina. (Ft. Bragg). Its a lond shot, but if anyone else has any advice I’d appreciate it. (1500 bucks! geez! I was hoping to use that money on getting a second car for my wife in the US.)

Are you trying to take your cats as checked in luggage or are you sending them on their own as freight? When we take our dog on domestic flights in Australia it costs about $20 if we’re going with him, but $250 if he goes by himself as freight.

I’d like them to be on the same flight we are on, so I guess its checked luggage. Its always hard on them when we move. they can sense it, even now. (When they see stuff being packed up early and I’m no longer going to work, but focused on getting us out of a place, they know its cat carrier time and they get wiggy.) The oldest is kind of used to it, the middle one too, but they don’t like it. Jet Jaguar, though…its his second move with us, and he’s the youngest. He’s lookingf a bit worried.

I had a cockatiel that could fly once, but never a cat.

Well if your quote is for the cats as checked luggage then I’ve got nothing other than to try another airline.

three cats? How many people? If you have a medical-type buddy, you could get (a) note(s) stating that “this cat is a helper animal” for some reason- relief for an anxiety disorder or something maybe. One cat per person or something. Helper animals are typically not charged a fee, and they fly in the cabin of course, which is easier on them.

I’ve seen this tactic used domestically, but I don’t know for sure if it would work internationally. YMMV etc.

It might help to drug the cats beforehand. When i had a cat that was particularly afraid of the fireworks on New Years’ Eve, I explained the situation to my vet and he gave me a pill of the type he uses to sedate animals for surgry.

When we took our dog on a flight, we drugged him and got one of those small bags with the mesh sides meant for transporting animals. The airline said nothing of it, and he didn’t seem to mind. We took him as carry-on luggage and put him under the seat.

Please please be very cautious with the use of sedatives, if you choose to use them. I know they can be a benefit, but be sure you follow your vet’s instructions to the letter. I’ve heard some unfortunate stories at work. For a flight as long as you’re talking about, they’re likely to wear off before the flight’s over anyway.

If there’s a way to keep them in the cabin with you, it’s definitely easier on them.

I once used sedatives on our cats for a 3 1/2 hour car trip. After getting upset, breaking out of their box, and shitting on the back seat they eventually succumbed to the sedation as we arrived at our destination :(.

Can you even fly them as baggage in November? Around here, there are small windows of time that you can put animals in the hold - spring and fall, pretty much. Other than that, it is too hot or cold to fly them.

A cat is small enough to fly as under-seat carry-on luggage. Can you see if they’ll allow 3?

Please explain why. If the OP is flying on a modern pressurized aircraft, the air is the same temperature in the cargo compartment as the passenger compartment. The floors of the passenger compartment are not sealed from the cargo compartments. On the early 777 models, the crew rest was in the aft cargo compartment, it had no extra source of heat or cooling.

It’s not because of the temperature in the aircraft that they don’t allow pets as cargo, but rather because of the temperature on the tarmac and in the baggage-handling facilities. See here for further details.

Personally, if a “buddy” asked me to produce a fraudulent document, I would explain to my (now ex-) buddy that (s)he could go f*ck himself. YMMV, as some “buddies” may not have a problem lying, even if the lie could affect his/her state licensure.

Alrighty. Suggestion retracted.

I flew with two cats from Saudi to Indiana in JANUARY:eek: They were on the same plane. Used KLM/NW It cost us 300 bucks for both, in 2006. They went as extra baggage. The vets have told me that sedating cats for long trip is not a good idea. Something about blood pressure.
Flying two cats to Qatar , also on KLM/NW cost 500 bucks in 2006, also as extra baggage.

I believe on international flights pets can only go in the hold.