Advice on Fold-Away Mattress (or something like that)

Due to snafu, both sets of grandparents, as well as a loose aunt and uncle, are coming to see our daughters for a few days around Mothers’ Day. We are going to be one adult short in terms of accomodating people with our current setup. Anyone have any suggestions on what to buy in terms of some kind of a fold-away cot or mattress or something? (PS We are probably not going to go with the airbed concept). Suggestions on prices and places to buy also appreciated.


Pricewise, I think the air mattress with built in pump is your best bet. I bought two of them for less than $100 at Sports Authority just before Christmas last year. They have been a lifesaver on several occasions. They are comfortable too. Easy to set up and easy to take down. To get all the air out of them before storing them, I use the vacuum to suck out the air. Then, I put them in the bags for storage. They don’t take up much space for storage.

My best experience was renting a foldaway bed.Full thickness mattress and folds to about 3-4 ft.high and wide to 1 ft.thick.Got one for $5 a day at a local renters furniture shop.(ads read rent to own).Sleeps much better than those foldaway beds in couches.

A camping/sporting goods store will likely have cots. They’re an appropriate size for one person, not terribly expensive, and rather easy to store. I think they’re less cost and less hassle than an airbed and pump. Another advantage over an airbed is height, they’re more comfortable to get into and out of. They don’t have the padding of a mattress, but some find them quite comfortable with a sleeping bag, or a few blankets and a sheet. I don’t know the available choices enough to make specific recommendations, but I’d look around and compare quality among the options.

A friend of the family, when he goes camping, takes an old army cot and an air mattress. Finds it most comfortable and easy to get in and out of (he’s getting soft in his old age).