Advice on how to invest in clean tech/business?

Now that my wife and I are starting to settle down and have regular salaries, I’m thinking more and more about possible investing a small amount of our money. However, I only want to invest in things I believe in, namely clean tech and renewables.

Obviously, given the risk involved, I’m looking at this over the very long term, and I’m wondering if anyone knows of resources (books, websites, blogs, etc.) to learn more about these sorts of opportunities.

The best/easiest way is to probably find a fund which chooses only socially responsible investments. A site like would probably be helpful.

There aren’t really any large socially responsible companies (IMHO) and even many of the promising ethanol companies have major shareholders from Big Oil. If you were thinking investing directly in a small company, it is a little trickier.

Having founded a green biotech company, I can certainly tell you there are many more companies than you ever imagined. However, direct investment in many of the “green” companies, because most are small startups, require >$10,000. They are effectively looking for Angel Investors to get the company off the ground and the idea generating some data. There are Angel Investor groups around the country which parade the potential investment companies before the investors. Many of these angel groups have a green or responsible focus. Usually a company is trying to raise $250,000-$1,000,000 which is why the smallest investment accepted is >$10,000.

As far as finding out about promising technologies, the internet is your friend. Local companies are always trying to get in the press with government grants earned or the affiliation with a local university. Technology Transfer offices are ubiquitous at most universities now and they will also list recent companies coming out of the university’s research and technology.

For a primer on angel investing:

For a website where a small number of clean tech companies are listed:’s-your-cleantech-innovation-wi

But every state has cleantech in some form (New England and Southeast has lots of better timber usage, Midwest has increased crop yields, West coast has algae and general biofuel production, Southwest has lots of renewable energy) just search for them.