Advice: Silent Humidifiers?

I’m looking for a humidifier, one that is really, really quiet.

The dry air in our bedroom areas is killing my sinuses.

We have a humidifier, but it would wake my elderly parents if it was near our sleeping quarters.
It needs to be:
[li]small[/li][li]cheap[/li][li]Not a model built into the central air system. Too expensive.[/li][/ul]

Any notions?

My apartment has big steel radiators, and a smaller version of this works for us (we have one on each radiator).

If we’re sick we still need actual steam, which these don’t really put out. These are more for maintaining everyday humidity.

What’s your idea of cheap? I have a Honeywell HWM335 which was $50 at Best Buy. It makes a very quiet gurgling sound similar to having a saucepan on the stove set to a slow boil. I actually find that sound somewhat pleasant. I gave away my forced air humidifier because the fan made it too noisy and the cool mist really put a chill into the room.

The only caution I’d give is that the first TWO that I bought were defective. The first one had a slow leak in the water tank and the second one went dead after a couple of days. This happened right after I yanked the plug out of the wall without first turning the thing off - not sure if that was just coincidence. But I liked the thing so much that I went back for a third time, figuring that I was going with the odds. After all, what are the chances I’d get three in a row defective? One month so far and itr’s still gurgling along just fine.

*I think that’s right but it’s full of water now so I am not about to turn the thing over and check the mocel #.

Hot mist is usually quiter then cool mist, but none are totally quite. I can’t see hot a hot mist one would be heard in the next room, but if you sleep in the same room as your parents - well lets just assume you don’t for now, and you can correct us if we have to address that.

A pan of water on top of the radiator might be enough, but it seems like you have forced hot air.

There are models that you add salt to which I think are much cheaper, and also make they soft (and pleasing) noise, IIRC around $20

Houseplants. Hang up a few wet towels. Every time you walk through the house, lay down a mist with a trigger sprayer.

Are you sure? The money you spend replacing filters on portables could pay for an Aprilaire in just a few years. We had to change the filters on our portable every month, at $25 a pop. We had to fill the water tanks every day, and those bottles were heavy. What a pain that was. Plus the damn thing was in the way and we had to find a place to store it every season, and then drag it out for the next.

We paid about $400 for an Aprilaire 700 three years ago (including installation). No water bottles to fill, and we’re just now replacing the filter ($20). The whole house (three levels) has a nice humidity level, not just a couple of rooms.

I found me a Sunbeam Warm mist, with a 16 hour tank.

Seems ideal.

My thanks for the input, as you have all been kind.


Slight hijack…would a humidifier help get rid of static electricity in the house?

My SO and I, on dry winter days, can hardly touch a damned thing without a blue blaze zapping us…no matter if we are wearing sneakers, or are barefoot…zap, zap, zap. Afraid to touch anything metal in the house.

I will buy one tomorrow if you think this might help!

Yes it will. Our contact resistance goes way up when our skin is dry, allowing us to build up and retain a static charge more easily. When humidity is in a more comfortable range, charges don’t have a chance to build up because they are bled-off through normal contact with objects around the house.

It should. Also till then touch a small piece of metal first, like a key, you won’t get zapped by that, then use the key to discharge yourself before you touch anything that may zap you.

The problem with this trick is that the zap I get actually goes through the key into my hand and I still do a quick happy dance.

I think my Christmas gift to myself will be a humidifier!

Consumer Alert!

Do not under any circumstances whatsoever buy Sunbeam Warm Vapor Humidifiers.

They leak!!

I just got a Bionaire.

$10 less, seems to work better.

Ultrasonic humidifiers were at one time deemed unsafe, since any contamination in the water, be it viral, bacterial etc. could propagate in to the air.

Warm water apparently would kill most nasty stuff before spreading it around.

I - will be watching over you
I - am gonna help you see it through
I - will protect you in the night
I - am smiling next to you…in silent humidity


Ah, so that’s why they seem to be off the market.

You can still find them.

I saw a dozen today, all on sale. :dubious:

Your cats will love you.

Besides not sparking when you pet them, good humidity levels seem to help with itching.

Slant/Fin Germ-Free Humidifier with Ultraviolet (UV) Light Germicidal Chamber GF-200


"Ordinary humidifiers can breed bacteria, mold and spores in their tank water and then spread these germs into the house. Slant/Fin has solved this problem with their patented Ultraviolet (UV) Light Germicidal chamber.

The only dual-germicidal process Kills 99.999% of bacteria and molds that can breed in tap water.

Kills 99.99% of spores that are highly resistant to boiling alone!
Dual Germicidal Process of Vaporization and an Ultraviolet (UV) Light Germicidal Chamber
2 U.S. Gal. (7.5L) Capacity Humidifies for 24 to 48 Hours Continuously Without a Refill.
Absolutely No White Dust.
No Harmful Chemicals
3-Year Limited Warranty (see package for details).
Independent Laboratory Tested. Antimicrobial Performance Evaluation test results available to consumers!

Helps safely restore comforting, soothing moisture to dry room air.
Helps relieve symptoms of colds, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.
Helps soothe dry lips, parched throat, and chapped skin.
Helps protect furniture and keeps plants moist and healthy.
Helps relieve static electricity and annoying shocks.
Dual Germicidal Process

Ultraviolet (UV) LIGHT germicidal process.
Vaporization (boiling) germicidal process"

Thanks to this thread, I just bought one of these at my local Walmart for $39.95. It is humming next to me as I type this.

The static electricity has already stopped in the entire house (YEAH!) and I don’t know if it is my imagination, but the air seems…cleaner? Lots of dust in Las Vegas, despite constant cleaning in the house.

At any rate, thanks for making me think of buying one. Think I am going to like this a lot!