Advice sought - one week in Hawaii

The good lady and I are Aussies, and we are planning a week away in May. We’re thinking Hawaii. I have been there a couple of times over the years, but the last time was around 15 years ago. I stayed at the Royal Hawaiian which I enjoyed. I liked the fact that I was in Honolulu, and right on the beach. The thought of staying on other islands or in self contained resorts leaves me a little cold. I like to have a sense of being in a city, while at the same time being on a beach. Wilderness and nature don’t really appeal to me that much. Oh, and we’ll be travelling with the Bacette an 18 month old by then. He’s good as gold and exceptionally fine company, but places that don’t take kids won’t work for us.

If you’ve had recent experience in Hawaii, or live there even, can you recommend us a place to stay? (We want to keep the expense reasonable, but this will be our first and last holiday for a while so we’re content to splash out as required).

So you’ll be on Oahu, then, as opposed to one of the other islands?

If you like the urban vibe of Waikiki, I can’t imagine any of the other islands will compare favorably. Maui’s Kaanapali Beach/Lahaina area is the closest, but even it has a much more laid back vibe than Waikiki.

The only place I’ve ever stayed in Oahu was the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It is HUGE, like a little city within itself. Tons of restaurants, right on the beach, within walking distance of so much.

However, given that you’re traveling with a child, I’d recommend looking into renting a condo or timeshare directly from the owner. There is no comparison when traveling with a young child. Most offer full kitchens, separate bedrooms so that you don’t have to spend your early evening tip-toeing around so that you don’t wake up the baby, and a washer/dryer so that you cut down significantly on your luggage.

This one looks very nice:

That’s the plan, although my knowledge of the other islands is not as good. Happy for any suggestions you might have!

PunditLisa - hadn’t seen VRBO before - some fine looking properties there. I take your point about travelling with the little one. I think you’re right about needing more than a hotel room. Thanks for the suggestions.