Advil OK for my dog

I have an old (9 years) golden retriever/lab mix dog. He has arthritis and looks sore when walking sometimes.

This morning, he was going crazy throwing himself at the fence because an unfamiliar landscaper was working on the otherside. When I came home from work, he looked like he had overdone it a bit and was acting really sore, kind of slow moving, but seems OK otherwise for all his jumping around earlier.

I want to help him feel better. Is it OK for me to give him 200mg of ibuprophen? He weighs about 75 lbs.

Definitley not. Ibuprofen is toxic to dogs. Use aspirin instead. 5 mg per lb every 12 hrs..

I should add, IANAV.

I would check with a vet before giving any drug to a dog. Some drugs that are OK for people are bad for dogs. I’m pretty sure aspirin is not good for dogs either.

IANAV either, but a vet specifically told me low dosages of aspirin were okay for my 14 year old beagle. I would give him a half a tablet once or twice a day (depending on how much pain he was in) and he seemed to feel like he was a puppy again. I would imagine a minute dosage of aspirin (say, 1/4 of a tablet) would be safe perfectly safe for a golden retriever and might relieve the poor guy of some of his pain until you can get an official yeah or nay from a vet, but again, IANAV.

I was also told by this same vet that ibuprofen based drugs (like Advil) were no good for dogs, so maybe that’s not a good idea.

Advil will cause kidney failure in a dog. Definitely do not give ibuprofen.

I don’t have a dog, but I came into this thread because I just know one day, somehow this information is going to come in handy.

Never give a dog ibuprofen or acetaminophen; they don’t metabolize either well at all. And never, ever give a cat either of those drugs; kitty livers hate those drugs and flatly refuse to metabolize them, causing very nasty, painful death.

Dogs can have aspirin, though. (Kitties shouldn’t have it, either.) For analgesia, the dosage is 10-25 mg/kg bid-tid. It’s somewhat different for fever relief, but I can’t remember the specific dosage. The doggie in question is roughly 35 kg, so he can have 350-875mg every 8-12 hours. I’d stay as low in that range as I could, since some dogs do have reactions to aspirin. Also, dogs with clotting or bruising problems shouldn’t be given aspirin.

If the dog’s having problems with stiffness on a regular basis, talk to your vet about getting a dog-safe veterinary nsaid like carprofen (Rimadyl) or etodolac (Etogesic). Dogs tend to metabolize those better and are at less risk for overdose.