Affirmative Action

I have a debate for English class. I have been assigned Pro Affirmative action. Does anyone here have any authority on the topic? Perhaps business owners or college professors? Has anyone here done this topic for debate before? Any sites you know would help greatly. I would appreciate any and all help. If you want to debate about it below, that is welcome, and may help me further.

The debate show Intelligence Squared did this last month, and I thought it was well done. I’ll withhold my opinion about which side presented better until after you listen to it.

Here’s a link

Thank you. I will watch it immediately.

FYI, there is a board rule about asking the SDMB to “do your homework for you.” Rather than give you the whole gamut of my views I will just point out something that tends to be overlooked is the effect of generational wealth transfers. For the middle class, that generally means inheriting houses, since few non-wealthy people have any assets that are worth more than a house. Oliver and Shapiro’s Black Wealth/White Wealth discusses this at length, and it is touched on by Ta-Nehishi Coates in [this article](Black Wealth/White Wealth) arguing for reparations (reparations aren’t the same as affirmative action, of course, but some of the underlying arguments apply to both).

The gist is that white kids have benefited from inheriting houses from their parents, while black kids in many parts of the country couldn’t because black people were legally or illegally prevented from owning homes which would appreciate in value.

I am aware of the rule, that why I didn’t ask for you guys to do all of it, just to give me some pointers and good sources. And when I went to your link, it took me to http://black%20wealth/White%20Wealth . And this doesn’t led anywhere. Please fix it. It looks promising. :smiley:

Whoops. The article is here.