Afghan sweaters

Is it true that Afghan sweaters are made from dog hair?

What is an Afghan sweater? I’ve never heard that term before.

An afghan is a blanket or throw rug.

Afghan stitch is a crochet stitch normally used to make afghans, but which could conceivably be used to make sweaters.

According to this site it is possible to use dog hair, including the hair of Afghan hounds to knit all sorts of things, including sweaters and afghans.

So I suppose it would be possible to crochet a sweater using Afghan stitch, or using dog hair, but as far as I and the major search engines know, there’s no such thing as an “Afghan sweater.”

I’m flying a US flag in my window, I ordered a Fudny hat, and I even burned that lovely afghan my granny made for me.


Please, grienspace, the term is “liberty sweaters.”

(Yeah, I know it’s been done before, it just doesn’t stop being funny to me. :))