Afghan womens protests

I did a search and couldn’t find a similar thread, so this is about the Afghani womens protests against their marirage laws.

Am i mistaken, but why do people marry? isn’t sex a part of this? ‘hey, I don’t want to work, or clean the house, or pay the bills, or have sex.’
So why are you married?
Go ahead, I feel many will disagree with me here.


In other words, legalized rape and something close to house arrest. My, I can’t IMAGINE why women are protesting.


Sex is generally part of a marriage and withholding sex was considered a legitimate grounds for divorce.

But even married you do not have the right to force sex on your spouse when they do not want it. That is rape and illegal in the US (even between man and wife).

The Afghan law essentially makes marital rape legal and is appalling.

Want your wife to have sex with you? Try being nice to her and wooing her rather than demanding she strip and spread-em.

I think they are protesting at being forced to fuck every 4th day whether they want to or not.

The law says a husband can demand sex with his wife every four days, unless she is ill or would be harmed by intercourse. It also regulates when and for what reasons a wife may leave her home without a male escort.

Who is to determine if she is ill or it would harm her if she can not leave the house without the husbands permission? She cant just pick up a phone and get a house call … I at least can tell mrAru that I have a headache and I dont run the risk of being beaten and raped just because he wants a piece.

If you want, feel free to move there and become a chattel slave. I will pass on that, thanks.

Even granting the difference in cultures this is pretty appalling. Does the OP not understand what these laws will mean in reality??


I can’t believe that the OP is anything but a whoosh. Even with that point of view, she can’t possibly be under the impression that most westerners views of ‘why people marry’ are in line with those of Afghanis, especially the women (not to mention the child brides).

My favorite part is when one of the clerics responsible for the new law, Mohammed Hussein Jafaari, confronts the hordes of women protesting the erosion of their civil rights with, “We Afghans don’t want a bunch of NATO commanders and foreign ministers telling us what to do.”

Fuckstick, those aren’t NATO commanders holding signs.

Because your parents made you when you hit puberty, and you were too young to stand your ground?

It wasn’t a whoosh, as in a joke, but a way of bringing to light that people in free countries do have marital responsibilities, etc. It is much different in Afghanistan, and i am very much against that. i was hoping (a bit crudely, sorry) to get a debate going on marriage and obligations.
Myself (a female) i am proud of the Afghani women.

You should have just come right out and put together the debate you wanted to have then. My suggestion is, next time just say what you mean. It’s usually the best way to go about starting a thread.

Most likely this one is toast.