Afghanistan: Rebuilding through Opium

Washington Post story.

Check the graphic about halfway down that compares Afghan opium cultivation in 2001 and in 2002. Boy, the opium crop made major headway last year, and the article says they’re expecting a bumper crop in 2003!

So our reconstruction of Afghanistan is grinding to a halt because we aren’t willing to pay laborers $10 a day?

Hey, when we rebuild a country, we just knock ourselves out.

Hardly surprising, unfortunately. If there was one thing that the Taliban did well, it was cutting back on opium production in Afghanistan. Nothing like public executions to make folks think twice about growing poppies. I almost lost it when Bush & Co. started blaming the Taliban for spreading drugs in our streets.

Here’s what the article says about that:

“Reportedly” leaves a lot of room, of course.

Hash, dudes. Whatever happened to Afghan hash? Now that the country is supposedly secured, we ought to be getting some of that soon.

Ah yes, Afghan hash. Back when I was in Amseterdam ca. 1990, it was the most expensive stuff on the menu at the coffee shop. Sadly, those were the days when I barely had 25 guilders to rub together.