African Armyworms -- what do I do?

Last year, a big-assed drum, imported from Africa, came into my household.

Recently, we’ve noticed that it’s the source of a plague of moths that has been vexing us.

I’ve tried to identify the little bastards, and I’m 90% sure that they are African armyworms. (The moths look just like this.)

The drum disappeared a couple of days ago, and I assumed my housemates had disposed of it.

I just went out to mow the lawn and found it stashed in the bushes back there. :smack: I guess someone just wanted it a little bit further away from their closet.

Should I be concerned here? I have images of the back yard turning into some kind of science fiction nightmare. Apparently they subsists on stalks & grasses, which is what my backyard is all about.

Questions:[ul][]If I post a pic, is there anyone entomology-savvy enough to confirm the species?[]If they are armyworms, are they a concern here in B.C.?[]If they spell trouble, how do I get rid of them?[]Is this something I should contact Agriculture Canada about, or am I just panicking?[/ul]Thanks!

Ths is really not somethg to screw around with. Call your local extension service ASAP.

I agree with astro if theres a possibility that they are african armyworms definatley call the authorities

I barely survived a winter in Canada, I doubt these will. Better safe than sorry, call the right people.