After 10 years, Martian finally slips up. Oops :)

After carefully maintaining security around the Mars rovers for more than ten years,

the security staff on Mars reported a minor anomaly caused by dropping a jelly doughnut on the ground.

The staff has had a perfect record to date, and it is hoped that this one slip-up will be explained away as a “twiddledink” and nothing more will come of it.
The staffer responsible for this lapse has been sent to HR for retraining and re-assignment. After a thorough investigation, it has been determined that no mistakes were made at the senior staff level and this incident is not expected to impact quarterly management bonuses.

That’s no “jelly doughnut.” Das ist ein Berliner.

It’s a trap!

I have a bad feeling about this.

Don’t worry. The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one against.

Wait, in that old movie, didn’t it say that “Mars Needs Women”?

Maybe they know that jelly doughnuts would be good in trade. I know some guys who’d switch their girlfriends/wives for a supply of free pastry.

Can tell how jelly doughnut babby is formed?

Dammit now that tune is going through my head >.<
if you dont know what I am talking about
We had the original audio version circa late 70s early 80s

For a second there I thought this thread was about me! (I’m so vain…) I was wondering what I’d done this time.

(Not that it would have made any sense if it was about me, as I’ve slipped up a heck of a lot more than once over the past ten years, no matter what category you’re talking about. Try ten minutes.)

Well, when a mommy jelly doughnut and a daddy jelly doughnut love each other very much, they have a very special way of hugging…

They need to do way instain bakers, who eat thier doughnuts, cause these doughnuts can’t frigth back!

So he said, but still they come.

The other day I ran across a satirical conspiracy theory website exposing the Discovery team’s screwups. An old coke can in the background of one picture, a rusted out model T in another. The implication of course is that the whole thing is taking place not on Mars, but somewhere in the Arizona desert. Can’t find it now, dang it.

Either that or Ford and Coke are bigger than we thought.

Shinobu Was Here’.

A baby Horta?
What would really be cool would be if they now took another picture and it was gone, or maybe there was a second similar one next to it.

And then one really close to the camera… and then blackness.

All we need is a Slim Whitman mp3.

…and Natalie Portman…

My GOD! It’s full of custard!

leaves them both all sticky.