After landing on you...

…I must determine whether you are prey or not by building a suitable image in my head to identify what you are…completely by touch…my, you’re a big one, this might take a while…good night!

OMG what is it with spiders and creepy crawlies today?! I have avoided most of them today, but you got me. DAMNIT, ARGHH!!!

I need a drink! Right after I deal with the kitty’s ear mites.

Ok, maybe BEFORE. Ugh.

i hate you

Sounds like a nice place to hang out…

Cicadas are pretty big eh? at least an inch an a half and half as wide. So how big does a hornet have to be to pick one off midair and carry it away, HUGE! what is it that? a super big hornet with wings like a dragonfly?

I wonder if the spiders have any other means of detecting light. Do they sense it on their, um, skin? Do they avoid it, move toward it, or remain completely oblivious to it? Also I wonder how an experimenter could determine whether any reaction they saw was due to light, or the heat generated by it?