After-market cool down seat for hot tub?

I’m planning for the next phase of my home remodel project…the fun stuff, like pool tables and hot tubs. :slight_smile:

I’ve spent the last two weeks testing out various tubs at my area dealers, and I’ve found a model that I think is good for me. It has plenty of leg room, enough room for guests/parties, the jets are in good locations, and it isn’t too far out of my price range. But it doesn’t have a cool down seat.

I have to believe that I can add something to use to elevate 6-8 inches to give an option here, but I haven’t been able to find anything good online. The shop that has this tub has a booster seat for short people, but it’s only 2 inches.

Any thoughts? Anyone have any experience here? If it matters, I’ll be starting with a bromine cleaning system, and may decide to upgrade to salt as an after market.



I wouldn’t worry about it. The cool down seat in my hot tub is the least used seat. It is almost never used unless there are enough people in the tub that it has to be used. But we also keep our tub at only 99-100 degrees and not insanely hot, so it’s not really needed, either. Sometimes if I don’t feel like moving but want to feel the cool air, I’ll just sit up on my haunches or on the edge of the tub.

Thanks, SmellMyWort. I’m probably not going to keep the tub too hot either, since I’m in South Florida. But I’d kinda like to have the option if any guests want it.

I’ll keep searching, though. It’s after market, after all…doesn’t have to happen right away! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve been trying to think of anything that could work but not having much luck. Anything made of hard plastic is going to slip in the seat unless it is perfectly molded for that spot and most booster seat things are made for little kid butts. Maybe something like a foam or blow up donut would provide a few inches and wouldn’t be too boyant to make sitting on it unsteady.