Age of Apocalypse

I have recently accquired the following comics which I’m under the impression is what I need to read to have the AoA arc under my belt. My question is, do I have everything I’m gonna need, and in what order should I be reading them??

I’m sure my fellow geek…errrrm Dopers can help. :slight_smile:

X-Men Chronicles (1)
X-Men Chronicles (2)
By The Light
X-Man (-1)
X-Man Annual 1996
Sinister Bloodlines
Blink (1)
Blink (2)
Blink (3)
Blink (4)
X-Men Alpha
Generation Next (1)
Astonishing X-Men (1)
X-Calibre (1).
Gambit & The X-Ternals (1)
Weapon X (1)
Amazing X-Men (1)
Factor X (1)
X-Man (1)
Amazing X-men (2)
Factor X (2)
Weapon X (2)
Gambit & The X-Ternals (2)
X-Calibre (2)
Astonishing X-Men (2)
Generation Next (2)
X-Man (2)
The Chosen
Astonishing X-Men (3)
Factor X (3)
Amazing X-men (3)
X-Calibre (3)
Weapon X (3)
Gambit & The X-Ternals (3)
X-Universe (1)
Generation Next (3)
X-Man (3)
Astonishing X-Men (4)
Generation Next 4
X-Calibre (4)
X-Man (4)
Factor X (4)
Gambit & The X-Ternals
Amazing X-men (4)
Weapon X (4)
X-Men Omega
X-Universe 02
X-Men Prime

There’s an Age of Apocalypse TPB that just recently came out. Well, vol. 1 just recently came out. I glanced at it awhile ago, and it claims to be complete. I assume it would have all of that. One hopes, because otherwise, it would be a pain in the ass to collect.

This is the reason I stopped buying X-titles and never looked back.


Trade Paperback.

Since I’m in the thread, can someone explain Age of Apocalypse to me? I’m a comics newbie, and I picked this up, went “what the fuck?” and set it back down again. It’s like, some wacky alternate universe?

This site should have everything you need for the reading order, overview, etc. I just read the Age of Apocalypse last week and thought it was quite good.

Come to think about it, you’d also be well served by reading Legion Quest first, since it leads directly into AoA.

Legion Quest consists of:

Prologue - Uncanny X-Men #319
Part 1 - X-Factor #109
Part 2 - Uncanny X-Men #320
Part 3 - X-Men (2nd series) #40
Part 4 - Uncanny X-Men #321
Part 5 - Cable (2nd series) #20
Part 6 - X-Men (2nd series) #41

It’s an alternate reality that takes over for our’s for a while.

Legion, Professor X’s son, awakens from his coma. He is convinced that Magneto is to blame for the current state of mutant-human affairs, and decides to go back in time to assassinate him. He goes to postwar Israel (where Magneto and Professor X are working together in a hospital) to kill Magneto, but Professor X intervenes and sacrifices his life to save his friend. The Age of Apocalypse is the alternate reality which follows from that moment: a world without Xavier.

Is there an issue in the AoA where it shows Weapon X going in to save Jean, and the resulting fight between he and Cyclops? Or is it just left to our imagination?

I don’t have my comics in front of me, but I believe we are shown a flashback page of them staring at each other in some kind of sewer tunnel, posturing to do action. But they never actually show it. I think it was in Factor X #1 and later in Weapon X #4. when Wolverine reveals that the claws were retracted at the time

I came into this thread expecting a song parody of “Age of Aquarius” riffing on 2012, Icelandic volcanoes and such.