Agent Carter: Essay on how it is MLK/Malcolm X with Female Empowerment

Working within the System to effect change, or doing it “By any means necessary”

This io9 essay doesn’t invoke the MLK/Malcolm X analogy. It just says that the first season of Agent Carter was okay, in that it showed her facing down misogyny in 1940’s spy stuff. This season is better because it shows other women and their approaches to the power structure of the day. Whitney Frost as the By Any Means character, and Dottie as a kind of Joker, choose-your-own-crazy path persona.

In reading it, I thought of MLK vs. Malcolm X and how it was already applied to the X-Men as a frame for how they explored Mutant Rights. But I think it applies here, too.

I enjoyed this week’s two parter and feel the quality has gone up overall.

Quality has gone up from the start of the season? We enjoyed Agent Carter last year, but this season the writing on the first two episodes was so bad we stopped watching the show.

I would say so, yes. It took a bit to get the parts in motion but they are moving along nicely now.

I’m with you. I have the last 4 episodes on PVR and little to no interest in them. Last year I could not wait for an episode.

I’ve been watching all season and although I think it’s not as good as season 1 (and certainly got off to a very slow start), the last couple of episodes have been a marked improvement over the early part of the season.

“Agent Carter Has Become One of the Most Unique Stories in the Marvel Universe”

What are the other most unique stories in the Marvel universe?


I didn’t read the article because it had spoilers and we’re a couple of episodes behind. This year hasn’t felt as crisp as last season, maybe because saving the world is actually less dramatic than personal danger. The women have been weirdly handled. Why introduce Jarvis’ wife and Sousa’ fiancee only to drop them the next episode?

I also hate the zero matter plot because it retroactively makes not knowing about the history of the monolith in Agents of Shield idiotic. Are they going to wipe out everybody’s memories at the end?

How do you figure that?

I’m assuming, perhaps falsely, that the black zero matter that becomes liquid and swallows people is the same stuff as the black liquid monolith that takes people to other planets in AoS. But Shield didn’t know anything about its mere existence, let alone the long history whose revelation was the the point of the arc of this first half season. How could they not? This should be the biggest thing inside Shield from its beginning. It should explain why the other Shield had it on their ship last season. Everybody should have known about alien stuff since the 1940s instead of finding it a mind-freaking surprise in recent years.

Either they’ve just retcomed the show’s entire history or they’re going to do a mind wipe or we have two separate black liquid swallowers that nobody ever thought of to link. I hate all those alternatives. I actually hope I’m missing something. Please give me an out.

I may have to re-watch Tuesday night’s episode, but I am reasonably sure that zero matter and whatever the monolith is made of are not the same stuff.

I haven’t seen that yet. But that means we have two black swallowers that turn into churning liquids. Nope. Still not liking it.

I think it might be Gravitionium from the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
It swallows people, distorts gravity, is incredibly difficult to contain, and in AoS there was a hook at the end of the episode, making way for dr Franklin, the scientist who got swallowed up by it, to somehow return. With the plot on Agent Carter, that reappearance would have added backstory.

Check back on this in a couple of episodes’ time.