Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E20: Nothing Personal (open spoilers)

He’s just some a-hole.

Well, they could do that at TAHITI… if they hadn’t blown TAHITI up. Or they could do it at one of the SHIELD facilities… if SHIELD hadn’t blown up. HYDRA could do it… but has no reason to. So, no, they probably won’t be doing that.

Starlord isn’t (part-)Kree, and it kinda messes up the team dynamic if he is… assuming they plan on putting in a Captain Marvel (Phyla or whomever).

Was anyone else really disappointed that the “windows” turned out to be light panels with physically moving films showing the scenes, instead of just normal LCD displays? For a base built within the past few years? At this point in the technology curve, it would have been cheaper to put in LCDs.

In the comic books he certainly is and I believe I’ve read he’s going to be in the movie as well.

No, he is not. His father is J’son of Spartax, from Sparta, the Spartoi Empire. The Kree are a different interstellar alien empire.

Making Star-Lord half-Kree would step on the concepts of the current Captains Marvel: Phyla Vell, Genis Vell, and Carol Danvers.

He is part something though and I wouldn’t put it past them to make him part Kree in the movie just to consolidate stuff in the MCU.

Good show last night. I too was wondering why Skye wanted to save Ward but seeing as how she left something behind for them, that makes sense.

It seemed to me that Ward made an effort not to kill the police plus his encounter with Deathlok makes me think that he is on the road to redemption. I wouldn’t want to see that though and I can’t see them shrugging off him killing everyone else.

I would like to go back and see some of the earlier episodes to see how he acts in them.

Yeah, you’re right. I had conflated in my mind his origins with his time on Kree defending them from the Phalanx (?) I think it was.

Maybe not Kree, but Skye obviously is part something. That will be an on-going arc next season - waiting for her to go wacko and then trying to find out why she doesn’t.

I thought it was a dick move by Fury to use the TAHITI treatment on Coulson after Phil made it absolutely clear that he could not support what this process does to people.

Although I thought it was well done, I still can’t see the fistfight in the Providence bunker as anything but Aunt Robin getting really pissed off. Sorry, Cobie.

It does clear up and add sinister significance as to why Coulson was begging to die while they were doing the memory replacement bit on him. It wasn’t just a “Let me rest in peace!” plea, it was “I’ve seen first hand what this treatment will turn me into, and it’s much worse than dying!” Cold.

But yeah, MCU Fury is a dick. No two ways about it. But to quote FDR, “He may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.”

Methinks Fury might do well to avoid Coulson for the next few years. Otherwise Phil just might shoot him. Also a nice call-back to Tony saying “We have privatized war.”

So…not renewed yet?

I thought it was a forgone conclusion that this show would stay on as long as the bulk of the actors want to stay. Disney owns Marvel and ABC, and this show is the link between their blockbuster movie franchises for the foreseeable future.

From my reading, renewal is highly probable, with an announcement in mid-May.

another solidly existing ep. As much as I’m surprised to say this, Skye handled Ward like a pro. And Coulson was awesomely badass getting onto the plane and saving Skye, and awesomely hilarious when he found out Deathlok was onboard.

The video locked in Coulson’s grave made not a lick of sense. Why there? How did May know it was there? But the video itself was great. (and his reaction.) For some unknown reason, I love, love, love the memory alteration trope wherever it pops up, especially the “reading/seeing a message from myself that I don’t remember making” shtick. gets me every time.

My wife immediately caught that Skye showed none of the symptoms video-Coulson described, and we chalked it up to her being an super-magical 0-8-4. But polar bear is right. She never died, so maybe it doesn’t apply.

Now I’m wondering, though: If the only way to stop the psychosis is to erase the memory of what was done, does learning what was done undo that? Is Phil in for a resurgence of the symptoms?

They will announce the renewal at the same time they announce the new Agent Carter series.

During their conversation at the beginning of the episode, Hill told May “Fury said that he buried that intel when he decided not to bury Coulson.” and they commented that Fury spoke in riddles. May took the riddle literally, and solved it.

May solved Fury’s riddle: “I buried that knowledge when I chose not to bury Coulson.”

Nevertheless, the video being hidden in the grave DOESN’T make any sense, unless Fury wanted someone to solve his riddle, which also makes no sense. A man such as Fury has so many ways to hide or destroy information, it’s a hokey comic-book-esque moment to have it in Coulson’s grave. It’s an entertaining moment I’m going to let go, though, because it’s a comic-book show.

Ah, I didn’t catch the riddle thing, thanks… still: comic book logic at best.

What I found interesting was Coulson’s confidence that he could take War one-on-one.

And seriously, for such a high tech machine that airplane has pretty horrible security. “Hey, why don’t we build a conduit from the wheel well straight into the occupied area of the plane. What could go wrong with that idea?”