Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S03E08: Many Heads, One Tale

I gotta say, I think this was easily the best episode this season. We’ve had three, most separate, plots this season and they found a way to crash them all together:

  1. The Inhumans and ATCU
  2. Ward and the return of Hydra
  3. Simmons and the portal

Also, as ridiculous as it was, Ward parachuting out of the airplane was a great scene. It was a pure “I’m going to do this because I was a bad guy” move.

Did they ever really explain who made up the World Council in the Avengers/Winter Soldier? It seemed to just be important people, not necessarily world leaders. Also, the fact the Coulson didn’t mention the nuke makes me think that most people have no idea that happened outside of the Avengers.

No, that’s the problem. They’ve got full authority over SHIELD - remember they relieved Fury from command, ordered the nuke, and would have been able to delay or even cancel Project Insight, yet they apparently don’t really answer to anyone else. As it turns out, they were Hydra all along (at least the chairman was), but you’d think someone either in the WSC or in a member government would have wanted to know what was up with the nuke.

I *really *wanted Banks to say “Come with me if you want to live”.

The whiplash of trusting/not-trusting/trusting Rosiland is a bit much, but I think we’ve settled on the fact that she’s on the good side of the ledger.

I still find it hard to take Ward as such a bad-ass fighter, super planner, 3 steps ahead kind of guy. It’s too much and not supported by his backstory.

I’m getting tired of Ward as some super man. Apparently no human or group of humans can beat him. He was shot by Hunter a few episodes ago and they didn’t even focus on that, probably just spat out the bullet or something. I know they want to build him up so killing him can be that much sweeter, but at this point the character just annoys me and I’m starting to dislike the actor. Just die already and move on

Well, he did reach up and massage the shoulder where Hunter shot him. But I agree in general. The character needs to be put through the portal so he’s gone, but still available for return a few seasons hence.

Yeah, Ward’s way too much badass by fiat; it doesn’t feel like he’s actually doing anything badass-y, it’s like the whole world just bends itself into accomodating his master schemer and ultra fighter status—no matter what happens, he’ll always have planned that all along.

Otherwise, I agree that this was the best episode this season so far. But it sure is convenient that supersecret organizations insist on slapping their logos on all of their nefarious undertakings! Also, did that logo say ‘Project Distant Star Return’? I mean, that’s admirably matter of fact, but still, a bit more imagination might have been used there… Usually such clunky names signal a tortured acronym, but ‘PDSR’ doesn’t really work as anything.

I noticed that, too. I guess he heals really quickly as well. Maybe he’s Inhuman?

Yeah, but how can I put this that won’t make me sound like the sexist pig you know me to be? She is not to my taste, and I’d rather not have to look at her. :o

Can someone explain to me the deal with the hack and Lash/Andrew not being where the ATCU said he would be?

At first it looked like Shield used the container to hack the ATCU system, but then the container was never at the ATCU to begin with and is somewhere else instead. How did Shield hack into the system then?

Then I thought maybe shield hacked in some other way, but the two infiltrators imply that the ATCU brought something in that hacked the system, so they had to have brought in something.

It didn’t make any sense to me.

Doesn’t this episode burn the whole ATCU to the ground? They know it’s infiltrated at every level. So won’t the President just shut everything down? Rosalind knows where everything is, as does her #2. I think SHIELD just got a whole lot of new toys to play with.

She’s growing on me. Maybe it’s because now I don’t see her as evil.

When Ward goes to see Andrew at the end, they show that the container Andrew is in has the logo of whatever “NASA” program Gemma’s beau was in - not a SHIELD logo.

So the ATCU has the SHIELD container, but they transferred Andrew at some point to another, apparently identical, container which is elsewhere.

Thanks. Kind of a weird plot point, but I guess for comic book stuff one can’t look too deep.

Speaking of too deep. Am I really supposed to believe that Hydra has been trying for a thousand years to get this monster back from beyond the portal and they never tried a tether?

Tie a rope around his waist? Brilliant!

To be fair, they did need Sky, I mean Daisy, to resonate the frequency in order to keep the portal open long enough for Fitz to stumble through, find Simmons, and drag her back.

The portal also moves and they can only keep it open so long before it exploded.

Yeah, he was never that good when he was part of SHIELD.

Do you know how complicated tying a “bunny goes around the tree and through the hole” knot becomes when you factor in extra-dimensional temporal resonance and 4-d topology? You want the granny knot? You can’t handle the granny knot!

Well, one could argue that he was then basically undermining SHIELD’s missions, so it wasn’t in his interest to show his full capabilities… But I won’t.

True that they used Daisy, but the old castle thingy was equipment to do the same thing. It was the castle set up that taught Daisy what to do.