Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S03E08: Many Heads, One Tale

“Many Heads, One Tale”
Directed by Garry A. Brown
Written by Jed Whedon & DJ Doyle

Going by the title alone this will be the best episode of the season. No the series. Then again most people don’t judge quality by puns. Other than an awesome title, I am not sure where they are going to go this week. Will it be a bunch of Hydra back stories? What Powers Booth did as a tiny little Hydra?

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I have to say that finally Fitz grows a pair, and having said that, squeaky clean astronaut with the right stuff, might not be so squeaky.

This episode feels like we are moving right along, Roz turns out to be one of the good guys after all, the muguffin shows up for the return to pick up the astronaut, in some future episode, and quite possbily where Ward might end up, if powers boothe has his way.

No indication at this point regarding the inhuman-shield split, its been hinted at in previous episodes but they are keeping that under wraps at this point.


Well, I’m glad that I was wrong about Roz being another dreadful cliché false friend setup. Even her goon didn’t do a heel-turn.

However, as expected, we’re not done with Lash.

I hope Andrew does not cross the point of no return. I thought Hunter as Mr. Robot was cute, and Ward was amazing. Is the Hydra reveal new to the MCU ?

If you mean HYDRA as ancient order, I think so. And I think a fairly recent development in the comics. IIRC, HYDRA has always been a WW2 Nazi era group until Jonathan Hickman’s(?) story that turned SHIELD vs. HYDRA into a centuries old conflict.

It was definitely a better episode than last week.

It was nice seeing Mark Dacasos appear… I wish they had not just given him Magneto’s powers. The man is cool screen martial artist so a throwdown with Bobbi would have been neat.

Speaking of Bobbi … what exactly was going on with her throwing the batons repeatedly and then catching them back and then finally hitting the goons in the face? Was the Hydra Inhuman repelling them back, or was she controlling them through some new customization she had done to them? As awesome as that whole scene was, that beginning part just confused me.

When she got the batons out of the briefcase, she was shown putting on some translucent bracelets. Presumably, those allow her to boomerang the batons.

Ah, I see. I read that scene wrong. I thought that she was unlocking the batons from her case through a DNA scanner type thing. I figured it was a security parameter so only she could use them.

The boomerang batons was probably the same tech that Captain America used to make his shield return in the second Avengers movie.

For people who have read the comics, what leader on the other side of the galaxy was the Hydra guy talking about serving?

I don’t know. I thought we were heading toward Thanos; but he’s not an Inhuman in the comics, he’s an Eternal of Titan, or something. And that goes with him being alive still. I don’t think the Inhumans are immortal, or even especially long-lived. (Eternals’ genes were modified by the unknowable Celestials; Inhumans’ genes by the Kree; it’s a big universe.)

The Inhuman on the other side of the portal is probably The Unspoken. That would make the most sense and tie in the best with the comic continuity.

It won’t be Thanos. They’ve already introduced Thanos twice in the movies, the depiction here isn’t at all consistent with those appearances, and there’s no way in hell the tv show would be allowed to steal thunder from the movies like that.

It’s probably the one suggested in the spoiler box above, but I would rather see them introduce a classic cosmic villain, if they can find one that’s not owned by Fox.

Could the figure be Death herself?? Didn’t the astronaut refer to the figure once as “Death.” That could also help to tie Thanos into the series as well.

Can’t be Death. Malick specifically stated that it was Inhuman. I also doubt a cosmic entity could be overpowered by a bunch of Inhumans and exiled through a portal. Cosmic villains are right out because there is nothing yet in the MCU-TV universe that could stop one.

Good point Silenus.

I wasn’t happy with Gideon Malick’s back story. He’s an industrialist who advises the President, but 3 years ago he was on the World Council with authority to nuke NYC?

In the flashback episode where they were selecting a person to go through the portal, the sacrifice was clearly a member of the organization, not just a patsy. Are we supposed to believe from this that Astronaut Will is Hydra as well? Would neatly tie up the Fitz/Simmons story. Too neatly.

And does anyone else hate the “We’ll bring back some super powerful being to take over the Earth for us, and it will let us rule with it out of gratitude” plan. The superpowerful being always winds up killing whoever brought it back - sometimes immediately, sometimes later. Has it ever worked out for the plotters?

Well, usually the plotters all die before they can warn the next generation of idiots.

Thank you! I knew I had seen him before, just couldn’t place the face.