Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S03E05:4,722 Hours

“4,722 Hours”
Directed by Jesse Bochco
Written by Craig Titley

In case you were wondering. Yes. The director is related to Steven Bochco. If you weren’t? I don’t know what to tell you.

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man - hell of a spoiler in the promo for next week - skip it if you care.

This episode was rather good -

Sucks to be Fitz.

I was sorta hoping they’d open the helmet and find The Doctor.

I felt for Fitz, something awful. Him pledging to help bring the guy back proves what a stand-up guy he is.

Eh, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the promo.

I like this episode. They came up with good answers to our questions, and made it at least mostly work.

At the end, Fitz did the obviously right thing. He’s not going to hurt Jemma by abandoning her friend, and he’s not going to abandon a NASA serviceman on another planet. Of course that’s what he did, and he’d be an ass not to do it.

I knew it was going to be Jemma on the planet, but did not expect there would be no “B” story. Totally the right choice.


You can’t fault Simmons. In that situation almost anyone would have hooked up under those circumstances. To be honest while I could understand Simmons wanting to rescue him because she cares about him, I would find it unlikely she would want to continue their relationship but the show needs drama…

My favorite episode of a good season. Gemma was amazing and did a great job carrying the story. I liked it a lot.

I am a bit annoyed about the love triangle set up. Yes, it understandable that she would grow close to Will, but love triangles are so overdone. I guess with making Ward a bad guy they were left scrambling to find their Ross and Rachel couple. I just want FitzSimmons to be together and happy. They don’t work for me as the will they/won’t they couple.

I called this the first time we saw other eras sending strapping young fellows into the portal.

So…basically, they went with the “Outlander” option. Which really makes me sad. Fitz is a great character played by a great actor, and it’s hurting my heart seeing him get done like this. Which is likely the point, but if it keeps up, the fatigue will just make it funny.

I predict that they will open the portal, and either

  1. NASA guy is dead, but has been replaced by monster, we will discover this back on earth
  2. NASA guy is alive, but monster was a product of his inhuman abilities
  3. Jemma never made it back, and is actually a monster (unlikely)

So, no happy ending for Simmons on that front.

What about a tie-in to Infinity War? What if that is death?

What if it got Thanos’ attention?

I like this a lot.
Maybe too similar to what they are doing with Lash though… unless its connected.
I am confused a little by the NASA connection…I think maybe because I couldn’t remember where they got the monolith from? Was it in SHIELD custody before it became plot important last year? Also seems weird that NASA would be doing this…and SHIELD wouldn’t have known about it?

The first we heard about the monolith was when Daisy’s mom called it a threat to all Inhumans and at that time it was already on the aircraft carrier belonging to SHIELD-2.

Thinking out loud here:

Monolith - we’ve seen it in England in the 18th(?) century. Then somewhere along the line NASA got ahold of it and knew its powers. Then SHIELD had it on the aircraft carrier. Somewhere along the line the Inhumans either became aware of it or have somewhere in their mythology a tale of it.

Points to ponder: where did the Kree body in the T.A.H.I.T.I. Project come from? Portal? It seems the US Govt. has had possession and knowledge of the portal for quite some time. Is that why the Inhumans fear it? Kree?

Her phone works after an entire month, with intermittent usage of whatever app she is using to make journal entries. If that’s not comic book physics, nothing is.

All things considered, this is hardly unprecedented. She even mentions how Fitz had engineered an extended battery life.

I liked how Will called the monster/creature “death” …
The same word written on the hebrew scroll that Fitz found a few weeks ago.

It was a really strong episode. Yet in a way it didn’t really tell us anything.
Who or what is the monster? Where were they?
I do assume that once they make it back it’ll be the monster coming through, not the guy.

Oh and poor Fitz.

If SHIELD can make a flying aircraft carrier, a longer-lasting battery is no big deal.

Definitely an entertaining episode, but it makes literally zero sense for Jemma not to immediately tell everyone that Will was still alive the moment she came through. We were all assuming she wasn’t saying anything due to the massive PTSD of being alone in a hell dimension, but instead she had moments earlier been (a) generally sane, and (b) suddenly separated from her new best friend and ?lover?.

Yeah, they should have left it with a heavier implication that SHE thought he was dead and was trying to move on… but couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed to know for sure.