Agents of SHIELD: Shadows S02E01 [open spoilers]

Agents of SHIELD season premiere tonight at 9 PM, which is a permanent move from 8 PM.

To recap from last season: Hydra had completely infiltrated SHIELD, and both organizations were crippled by Captain America. SHIELD has officially been disbanded, though Nick Fury is trying to keep individual pieces of it, including Phil’s team, alive. Nick has also appointed Phil the new director of SHIELD. The final scene shows the team arriving at another super-secret off the grid SHIELD facility, run by Billy Koenig, who is either Eric Koenig’s identical twin or Life Model Decoy.

By character:

Phil - Found out that he was the head of the TAHITI project, but had resigned and shut the whole thing down because of its horrible affects on test subjects. He seemed to be avoiding those affects, except that in the very last scene, he was drawing a strange circuit/flowchart/? diagram that had been seen twice previously.

Ward - in custody. Turned out he had been Hydra all along, or more specifically Garrett’s errand boy. He had been working for Hydra, and playing the entire team, all season. But he’s still in love with Skye.

Garrett - disintegrated by the Destroyer weapon. Turned out he was the Clairvoyant all along.

Skye - is an 084. Has also received the serum from the TAHITI project, which has not driven her crazy, possibly because she’s half Kree or something else.

Fitz & Simmons - Simmons is OK, Fitz may have brain damage due to oxygen starvation.

May - still kicking ass. Not afraid to use a nail gun as a weapon.

Triplett - may or may not have joined the team.

Correction: crippled by Black Widow and Nick Fury. Cap was out fighting for his life against Bucky when everything went down (pun intended.)

Well, killing several thousand Hydra agents on the 3 Insight helicarriers helped too.

I finally watched “The Winter Soldier” over the past week. Wasn’t it Cap’s plan that Black Widow and Nick Fury were implementing? Nick telling Cap “I guess you’re in charge” and all that.

I really liked the last half of season 1. I hope they keep that momentum going.

I hope Fitz isn’t sidelined. He and Simmons are my favorite characters.

Spoiler regarding Skye’s origin

The actress stated in an interview that her character is half Kree

Spoiler regarding new good guy characters:

Several new characters will be introduced this season, including Mockingbird, some other mercenary whose name I’ve forgotten, and a character played by Lucy Lawless–who is probably not a Cylon obsessed with learning the identity of the Final Five nor a Warrior Princess.

Spoiler regarding rumored villains:

Kracken as a potential Big Bad, and Absorbing Man, who may debut tonight. Also think I saw that the kid with cold powers, whose name I’ve forgotten, will return at some point.


The reveal about Skye is kinda a given at this point, I think. Although exactly who her father is will be very revealing.

Somehow I totally missed the [Open Spoilers] in the title. Guess I could have saved those spoiler boxes. They’ll probably be needed for the next Game of Thrones season.

And yes, Silenus. I think that’s the guy.

I meant open spoilers for last season, and for tonight’s episode, once it airs. Everything you posted is available on various articles on the web, so that’s cool too. But if your nephew is a disgruntled ABC intern who gave you copies of all the scripts, please keep that to yourself.

Almost forgot -at the end of the last ep, Raina brought a picture of Skye to a bloody figure and said “I think we found your daughter.”

Kyle Maclachlan. I’m still holding out for him to be Inhuman.

Was that the last we’ve seen of her?

Hunter is apparently now listed as a regular on the series. But Triplett and Hartley are only listed as recurring characters.

I have a feeling that doesn’t bode well for the Triplett’s future.

I thought Hartley died tonight?

Death? In a comic book universe? Yeah, that’ll last.

Not having seen it yet, I’m curious as to what they plan to do with Ward. It seems unlikely he’d sign up with another mad leader or Hydra cell.

One word: awesome!!

I loved season 1 and season 2 already seems like it is going to be even better. Super excited, there is a very good chance this will be my favorite show of the new season.

Writer: Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen
Director: Vincent Misiano

Agent of SHIELD’s first episode of the second season was probably better than every episode of the first season. There were no missteps. They are starting out strongly. I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

The Scene: 1945 Austria.
A hydra agent named Whitehall played by an easy to recognize character actor is bossing around soldiers in weird 1940s futuristic outfits to bring him the obelisk. Apparently, it’s the answer to death itself. A few SRS (past SHIELD) agents steal the obelisk from the agent, and swap witty comebacks. They pack it up to never see the light of day. Hey! Those agents seem pretty charming. It would be neat if they were able to star in a show of their own. One can only dream.

Back to the present:
Skye’s first act of the second season is competently being a spy. The rest of the guys we know watch Lucy Lawless (Hartley) attempt to buy info about the box with the obelisk from a former SHIELD agent. In the midst of their deal a super powered bullet proof fellow shows up and steals the info. Our friends show up and save Hartley’s team. They argue a little bit, and Hartley gets on the phone with her boss. Her boss turns out to be… Coulson! “go Dark!”

George Stephanapolus’ cameo gives us a chance to see that the US Government is still anti-SHIELD.

Mac,(that’s a new character, right?) is disappointed that the team didn’t bring back any new toys. I look forward to the episode where we find out out what he can do with the equipment.

Billy Koenig welcomes the team and surprises them with the news that Coulson is at the base. Coulson’s not around very often, he travels around the world looking for recruits. He doesn’t have time to stop. He’s about to fly out again until May shows him the SRS box picture. He then realizes that this is a BIG DEAL, and he has to lead the mission from home. Since, this SRS stuff is mentioned in Fury’s toolbox. It’s the FIRST 0-8-4.

This new bad guy is a former boxer named Carl Creel and he can “absorb” the material of any object he touches and make his body have the same charcteristics. It seems to give him pleasure in addition to making him (another) hydra unstoppable killing machine. Agent John Garret faked Creel’s death in order to turn him.

FitzSimmons are still working together. Sort of. Fitz is trying to crack the secret of Cloaking and Simmons seems to be sort of helping, but somehow she doesn’t seem to be all there. (Spoiler alert. She’s not there. She’s only in his head) The first FitzSimmons scene is terribly sad. It reminded me of a couple when one spouse has the beginnings of dementia. In hindsight, it is still sad, but the fact that his subconscious is able to fill in the gaps means eventually he will get his brain back. Just in time to save the day when Simmons turns Hydra.

Hartley’s team is filled with mercanaries. They are on the job for money, and nothing else.

So, there’s a shot of Skye laying on a table with all of those circuit drawings floating behind her. That could easily have been ripped from a frame in a comic book. Coulson put her on the job to figure out what those drawing could mean.

Ward is creepy and vulnerable. And. he is in a dungeon/prison cell. And he will only talk to Skye. He has stuff to say about her Father to her, but he is not given the chance. He does give real intel about Hydra. It turns out Hyrda is all over the place.

Coulson and the gang figure out that Hydra is after Brigadier General Heroes (Talbot), so they save him from that guy who “absorbs” things (Creel), and, since he won’t help on his own, trick him into giving them access to the base with the Obelisk.

While they are planning an attack on the base Creel finds a way to escape prison by absorbing the clear walls and making himself invisible. I guess Coulson was right in saying they didn’t know how to handle him.

Hartley’s team isn’t 100% sure about going in to the US Government base, but Coulson thinks the risk is worth the reward. He’s not only after the Obelisk, but after a cloaked vehicle. Without the weaponry to fight they’ll never be able to catch up with their enemies.

Once inside Hartley finds the Obelisk and gets attacked by Creel. She grabs the obelisk to try to fight him with it. It attaches itself to her hand. She can’t let go. (She says that a couple of times.) Skye notices that the circuit designs flash on the obelisk, and May calls home to see what to do next. Coulson is a hard ass and says continue with the mission.

Hartley’s team runs to get to a hospital. In their running Hartley gets her arm cut off, and Creel absorbs the road and knocks their car over. He uses tire rubber to insulate himself from whatever badness the obelisk causes. Hartley and her team look dead. But, that seems like a quick end for Lucy Lawless. There’s not much work to do on Parks and Rec. She must be coming back!

May steals a cloaking jet. And, Coulson tells us that Fitz isn’t getting better, even though Simmons thought she would when she left.

And, there goes that character actor playing Whitehall again. He’s happy to get the Obeleisk, and I don’t think he has aged a day. According to the commercials that I had to watch forever I think he might be a coroner in NYC when he isn’t busy running Hydra.
[li]The FitzSimmons stuff is brought to the forefront gradually. I didn’t know right away that it wasn’t Simmons. But, about midway through the episode I suspected it. I thought that was really well done. It didn’t come out of nowhere, and it wasn’t bang you over the head obvious, either.[/li][li]Lucy Lawless[/li][li]Ward/Skye. Brett Dalton did a good job playing a beaten down sad/creepy Ward. Especially when you compared him to the super cocky super spy from last season.[/li][li]Coulson as a leader that is slightly apart from the team was effective, and the subtle differences between this season and last season effectively showed thechange in role.[/li][li]The Absorbing Man was a badass and he wasn’t easily beaten.[/li][li]Skye wasn’t helpless.[/li][li]Triplett go almost ALL the good lines.[/li][li]Patton Oswalt is so awesome. And, I like that Triplett and Skye were speculating about him and his brothers.[/li][li]How about that blue skin in a box?[/li][li]Agent Carter? I’m looking forward to it. Please more Neal McDonough.[/li][li]“3rd Party.” “A party is what you call it?”[/li][li]“You get anything?” “A new enemy”[/li][li]“I did score an exit row on the way back from London.”[/li][li]“Can You Give us a moment?” “Watch this” … Walks away.[/li][/ul]

Frankly I’m giving up on it.
It a fun show but without the background of having read the comic books it’s more work than it’s worth trying to keep all this shit straight.

Hope that doesn’t come off as shitting because I really think it’s a neat show, it’s just apparently not for me since I’m constantly confused about WTH is going on.

I feel like a lot of last season was REALLY slow-moving, and lately the action has been a BIT much. For me, it was on the too-fast-paced side. Still nowhere close to giving up on it though. Just being picky.

I’ll second or third or whatever the Agent Carter love, and add my joy that Neal McDonough seems to be on-board. Will watch!