Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S03E07: Chaos Theory

“Chaos Theory"
Directed by David Solomon
Written by Lauren LeFranc

I finished watching the last episode 5 minutes ago, so I haven’t even had a chance to even read through everyone’s thoughts. This season has been jam packed with plots, but I haven’t felt like the overall show has suffered from too many stories to keep track. They are really making us like Rosalind a lot, so I have a feeling she might not last until December. We’ll see what happens tonight!

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Well, Andrew/Lash pretty much went down as I’d expected, although his exposure to Terrigen was at least a little cleverer than fish oil.

The ending kicker, though… sigh. It’s been pretty well-telegraphed, but I was hoping it’d be cleverer than that.

Poor May.

A meh episode that could’ve been much better. I was expecting the Lash storyline to go longer into the season, and having something happen to complicate things would’ve been fun. Or, if they are going to end it, give Lash a bit more to do - that last fight was not their best action sequence. Blair Underwood could have more to do.

As for Ros, yeah, let’s see what they do with it.

I didn’t even see a vest on May, I thought she was going to spend the rest of the season in a hospital bed. I can understand the let down some people have with Lash’s creation story, he sounded more like a demon possessing Andrew than an inhuman. I wonder if other inhumans feel compelled to destroy. Coulson needs a body double fast.

Given the writers’ penchant for HYDRA sleeper-agents/mind-control/doppleganger-masks, I’m half-afraid that’s going to be HYDRA’s clever plan. (for values of “clever” that I probably won’t ascribe to.)

Not sure I like the direction they’re going with Roz, I’m getting tired of double crosses and fake double crosses. The Lash story line ended too soon, I agree. It seemed like a huge buildup for little payoff. It did bring Lincoln into the fold, so that’s good. Daisy saving Roz was a nice touch, even if pretty predictable. Clearly showed the good Inhuman vs the bad Inhuman. Nice touch with Daisy’s mom booby trapping the book.

Mack should really get that shotgun-axe.

Baby Strucker isn’t dead, he’s in a coma. I guess he’ll be back at some point.

I don’t like the direction they’re going with Roz, at all. It would have been nice for Coulson to have a foil that wasn’t evil, for a change, even if they didn’t pair them off.

I’m still holding out hope that Coulson isn’t a total chump, and is actually playing Roz while pretending to be played. Because if he has actually fallen for such an obvious honeytrap, he’s an idiot.

I loved Fitz in that episode, especially the sunrise scene. The Hunter character is kind of weak, was he ever likeable?

Enjoying the Fitz/Jemma/Planet storyline, there’s some great subtle acting going on with those two that wasn’t given room to grow in prior seasons.

I’m glad the Lash story was wrapped up quickly. Dr. Andrew was a dull uninteresting character whose only story “value” was dropping simplistic useless Counselor Troi advice, and Lash was a villain without any plot-tension motivation beyond “blargh, evil, smash!”

Lash is being put into stasis by an organization that has been telegraphed as Evil since it’s introduction and is now revealed as being controlled by an ex-HYDRA/World Council guy.

Lash’s story is basically “done, for now”. But I’d give him better odds at making a reappearance than, say, Graviton or Absorbing Man. Probably about equal odds with Deathlok showing up again.

This is my thoughts.

I even sighed and thought “ugh are they just replaying the ‘evil organization’ card again?”

I’m hoping they go somewhere with this because this season has been good otherwise.

Fitz is a damn all-star this season and they have me 1000% invested in this storyline

I think the whole Terrigen Storyline would have been much improved by greater emphasis that these transformations are supposed to create “Weapons of War”. Not superheroes, not villains, but “Weapons of War” created for a specific purpose.

SHIELD’s operational security sucks. I’ve seen better protocols at an elementary school. First, they let all of that Inhuman data and journals out of their control. Really, packed up and taken away by some consultant? They didn’t even sweep the stuff for booby-traps or hidden microfiches. Second, how did Andrew get May out of The Cocoon? Just throw her over his shoulder and walk out? This is supposed to be a secure facility with trained guards who even mention protocols. Not to mention all the cameras in Jesse’s cell. Wouldn’t they have recorded Andrew’s transformation?

We won’t even begin to mention how the timelines don’t match up in any way.

“Hog face.” That’s what they were saying. Neither the wife nor I could figure out what Hunter and Fitz were saying. The best we could come up with was “hook face.” Either way it makes little sense.

The telegraphed “twists” are boring. What would really be neat is if it turns out that Powers Booth is Inhuman, and using everybody for his own ends. That could end up with Ward, Hydra 2.0, SHIELD, ATCU and the Inhumans all having to work together to stop him or help him. Sounds kinda Civil War-ish, doesn’t it? :wink:

What kind of contractor leaves a compressor and wheeled tool cabinets at an abandoned building site? And how is it possible that May doesn’t have hidden tools or enough skills to get out of a simple handcuff?

Even failing that, the second he came within arm’s length I thought he was going to go down, and after all, he’d probably have the keys on his body. But even the biggest badass woman has to submit to her man when the plot demands it (although she did get her due soon enough).

For a moment there, I thought there were actually going to introduce some interesting moral shades of grey with the inhuman containment facility kind of becoming a necessary evil, but then nope, they had to go and absolutely drive it home that Rosalind et al are in league with (or at least tools of) the Forces of Evil, so everything can be painted in reassuring stark black and white contrasts. Phew.