Aging Yuppies will be the death of us all!

Something has been bugging me for years now - and that is the aging population. I don’t care about social security, medicare, healthcare, welfare, or pine-box shortages. What I DO care about is old people on the roads driving 10 mph everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! What kind of nightmare is America and the rest of the world in for in the next 15 years? Are my fears unfounded, am I alone?

Will Yuppies deal with their ebbing driving skills by buying bigger and bigger cars and driving slower and slower? It’s bad enough there is a stop sign or traffic light on every corner, but now being stuck on every freeway because a member of the aging populace is puttering down the road - that I can’t stand for!

Is there anything anyone can do?

Well, you could try chilling out. :slight_smile: Trust me, you’ll get where you’re going whether you drive at 55mph or 45mph.

Install hand gems and kill everyone off once they reach 30.

Seriously, what about this is GQ to you? I suggest GD or The BBQ Pit.

You could try reading the forum descriptions.

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