Aguilera/Cher Burlesque Q (Open Spoiler)

I just watched this movie on a plane the other day, and it had bits of Showgirls, Ruby in Paradise and Coyote Ugly thrown into the mix. Anyway, to save the nightclub, Christina tells Cher about a slightly arcane legal concept she came across earlier in the film. They raise a truckload of money pretty quickly, pay off the mortgage and have enough money left over to buy out Cher’s business partner Peter Gallagher. Happy ending!

Here’s my question: Assuming Peter Gallagher’s character had 50% equity in the club (This was never explicitly stated, but his stake had to be substantial), and Cher raised the capital by selling “air rights” on the building to a neighboring developer… Didn’t Gallagher already own half of those rights? Did Cher pay him off, not only with his own money, but a tiny portion of his own money? Did Cher just rob Peter Gallagher in a truly massive fashion and come off looking like she’d saved the day in some brilliant, honorable fashion?